XY Retail Teams Up with Damiani for Cutting-Edge Unified Commerce Platform

XY Retail, a prominent provider of unified commerce solutions, is excited to announce its latest collaboration with Damiani, the renowned high-end jewelry brand celebrated worldwide for its sophisticated Made In Italy creations. This partnership signifies Damiani’s adoption of XY Retail’s cutting-edge Point of Sale, Clienteling, Order Management System, Product Information Management, and Digital Asset Management solutions across their 70+ stores spanning 12 countries and multiple continents. The objective is to streamline retail operations and enhance the overall customer experience.

Susan Jeffers, CEO of XY Retail, emphasized the appeal of their flexible system, stating, “Brands like Damiani choose XY Retail due to our flexible system that caters to all aspects of retail, from e-commerce to everyday front and back-end needs.” She highlighted the advantage of seamless API integration and efficiency optimization, positioning XY Retail as a catalyst for luxury brands striving to compete with major digital players. Jeffers expressed the company’s commitment to bringing future-proof capabilities to the luxury market and delivering a robust infrastructure for retailers’ end-to-end processes.

Damiani, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and a legacy of technical innovation in design, plans to leverage XY Retail’s comprehensive suite to optimize its global retail operations and bolster omnichannel sales. The integration of these systems aims to create a seamless shopping experience across all of Damiani’s channels, offering real-time visibility into inventory and customer data. This ensures a customer experience that aligns with the company’s unique heritage, characterized by passion and attention to detail since its inception by Enrico Damiani in 1924.

The implementation of XY Retail’s solutions is anticipated to provide Damiani with increased sales flexibility, improved inventory accuracy, and elevated customer engagement. This collaboration underscores XY Retail’s dedication to delivering advanced retail technology solutions to the luxury market, marking yet another milestone in the company’s expanding global presence.

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