In the ongoing celebration of a vibrant and rejuvenated spring, this captivating capsule delves into the profound impact of colors on our environment, interiors, and emotions. Embracing the theme of “Sweet & Juicy,” the collection unveils two dynamic colorways: a fiery red and a robust orange. Orange, with its bold presence, ignites excitement and passion, closely intertwined with the fiery allure of red, symbolizing both love and fervor. These hues exude intense vibrancy, making a powerful statement with even the subtlest accents.

Meanwhile, the “Zesty & Fresh” palette introduces invigorating greens, refreshing limes, and radiant yellows, evoking a sense of crispness and vitality. Green, reminiscent of nature’s lush landscapes, invokes feelings of harmony, joy, and tranquility, making it an ideal choice for uplifting mood and fostering serenity within home interiors. Complementing this, the sunny disposition of yellow not only embodies joy and happiness but also facilitates communication and wisdom. Its luminous presence instantly uplifts spirits, evoking the warmth and brightness of sunlight.

“The essence of color vitality lies in its profound influence on our emotions and senses, effortlessly transforming our living spaces with a mere stroke of color. The latest H&M HOME 🖤PANTONE capsule collection explores this concept further, this time focusing on the heart of the home: the kitchen table. With this second edition, we delve into the intricate relationship between food, flavor, and color. Whether you lean towards the refreshing allure of green and yellow or seek to infuse your space with the fiery zest of red and orange, the choice is yours. We trust that this thoughtfully curated collection, featuring exclusive PANTONE shades, will add a radiant touch to our customers’ dining experiences.

The H&M HOME 🖤 PANTONE collection offers a selection of timeless interior pieces designed to infuse your dining and living spaces with a burst of vibrant color. From small to large square plates, you have the freedom to mix and match shades of yellow and light green or opt for the striking combination of orange and red to suit your style. Complementing the dining experience, the collection includes serving bowls in medium sizes, available in orange and yellow, and larger options in red or light green, perfect for presenting a fresh spring salad.

For smaller yet essential touches, explore the assortment of coasters, available in sets of four with color combinations of red and orange or light green and yellow. Enhance your table setting with placemats in hues of orange or yellow. To add a finishing flourish, explore the range of jars in varying sizes, offering a choice of green or red, along with decorative pieces like footed bowls in red or green, ideal for showcasing fruits or vegetables, and classic vases available in orange or light green.

Completing the ambiance, indulge in a delightful array of scented candles, each offering a unique fragrance experience. Opt for the Mandarin Gelato-scented candle in vibrant orange, or choose the invigorating aroma of Pink Grapefruit with the red candle. For a refreshing scent, the yellow candle offers the essence of Lemon Verde, while the green candle emits the soothing aroma of Green Basil.

As a globally recognized authority on color, PANTONE provides a universal language of color that guides color-critical decisions across industries. Trusted by over 10 million designers and manufacturers worldwide, PANTONE’s advanced technology ensures color consistency across materials and finishes, empowering brands to define, communicate, and control color throughout the design process, from inspiration to realization.

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