Utilizing Google Cloud, Cintas Constructs a Dynamic Internal Knowledge Hub Driven by Generative AI

Cintas Corporation (NASDAQ: CTAS), a renowned provider of business-to-business services, has announced an extended collaboration with Google Cloud, marking a significant stride in Cintas’ ongoing digital transformation. This partnership entails leveraging Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s generative AI (gen AI) platform, to construct an internal knowledge center. The aim is to empower Cintas’ employee-partners with swift access to crucial information, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

Recognizing the escalating demand for personalized and efficient customer interactions, Cintas acknowledges the positive impact gen AI can have on its workforce. Studies, such as one conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, have indicated a 14% increase in worker productivity with the integration of AI. By harnessing Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search, Cintas is in the process of developing gen AI-powered search engines. These engines will adeptly navigate through vast repositories of Cintas contracts, documents, and product libraries, enabling employee-partners to swiftly locate vital information. This, in turn, enhances productivity, speed, and accuracy in customer service, allowing Cintas to deliver exceptional and personalized value to its clientele.

The internal knowledge center is poised to bolster Cintas’ customer service capabilities in various ways:

  1. Equipping Cintas teams with insights essential for delivering personalized customer experiences, spanning from initial sales interactions to the entire customer lifecycle managed by Cintas service professionals.
  2. Facilitating quicker resolution of customer queries and issues through improved search capabilities. Todd Schneider, President, and CEO of Cintas, emphasized, “Empowering our employee-partners with innovative technology to continually enhance the Cintas customer experience lies at the heart of our ongoing digital transformation.” He highlighted the forthcoming gen AI-powered knowledge center as a testament to Cintas’ commitment to advancing its technological infrastructure for the benefit of both customers and employees.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, underscored the significance of leveraging business data efficiently, stating, “The new Cintas internal knowledge center, powered by Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities, will help its employees-partners easily derive key insights, identify opportunities, and reduce errors—all while improving the customer experience.”

Cintas’ journey with Google Cloud began in 2020 with the deployment of Kubernetes to modernize its application development. Subsequently, in 2023, Cintas completed the migration of its legacy on-premises enterprise applications to Google Cloud. This transition enables Cintas to fully harness the benefits of gen AI, enhancing decision-making processes and refining sales and service interactions through real-time visibility and advanced analytics.

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