Unveiling AHNU Step into the Future with Footwear Designed for Forward Thinkers

Deckers Brands (NYSE: DECK) introduces AHNU®, its latest division, marking its debut with the launch of the Sequence 1 sneaker. A convergence of performance and style, AHNU makes its entry into the market with a collection of timeless designs incorporating cutting-edge technologies. These creations are tailored for those who lead the way, always staying one step ahead.

The AHNU Sequence 1 caters to individuals driven by the pursuit of their goals, aiming to not only meet but exceed limitations. Each pair of AHNU sneakers embodies the belief that style and performance can seamlessly coexist. AHNU embraces innovation in materials and processes, dedicated to merging high-performance technologies with enduring styles.

Deckers Brands President & CEO, Dave Powers, stated, “AHNU was conceived with the vision of revolutionizing the footwear narrative, creating a super sneaker brand that transcends functionality, seamlessly blending style and innovation. We prioritize a consumer-centric approach to aspirational design, inspired by those with a perpetual need for all-day versatility and performance. Our commitment is to push the boundaries of materials, innovation, and design, delivering the next breakthrough in footwear to the world.”

AHNU, developed by a team of passionate designers with experience from iconic brands UGG and HOKA, operates within the Deckers X Lab innovation hub. As part of Deckers Brands, renowned for engineering shoes that excel in performance and style, AHNU stands at the forefront of design, development, and production.

The inaugural capsule from AHNU features the Sequence 1 sneakers, blending vintage silhouettes with modern performance materials for a versatile daily companion. Constructed with a high-rebound, durable PEBA foam, the Sequence 1 ensures stability and a smooth stride. Its innovative design incorporates a responsive carbon-fiber plate, offering wearers a comfortable and efficient stride throughout their day. This first capsule underscores AHNU’s commitment to uniting form and function, empowering individuals to navigate life with unparalleled comfort, style, and confidence.

The AHNU Sequence 1 is available in low, mid, and high variations, priced at $225, $240, and $255, respectively. These models are currently on sale at select premium retailers in the New York marketplace, with online availability starting March 14. Discover these styles now at ahnu.co.

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