The Top 100 Timeless Skin Care Products of 2024

CeraVe effortlessly sells 20 bottles of its Hydrating Facial Cleanser every minute, but achieving enduring success in the skincare industry is far from easy.

Skin care, a vibrant yet fiercely competitive sector, presents significant challenges for newcomers. Despite the influx of new brands and products, established players continue to dominate sales, as highlighted by Circana. Against this backdrop, the recognition of the top 100 skincare products by industry insiders is truly remarkable. These products, ranging from longstanding favorites to recent innovations, have earned acclaim through their effectiveness, user experience, and strategic marketing.

According to Jane Hertzmark Hudis, Executive Group President of the Estée Lauder Companies, creating an iconic skincare product requires a clear vision of the desired skin outcome. This vision must be complemented by an irresistible texture, immediate and long-term results, and a compelling narrative that fosters consumer loyalty, as emphasized by Hudis.

Carol Hamilton, L’Oréal USA’s Group President of Acquisitions and Business Development, underscores the importance of patience, passion, and meticulousness in product development. Balancing scientific innovation with sensory appeal is crucial for success, Hamilton suggests, drawing parallels to crafting a fine cocktail.

Effective communication is also vital. Ron Robinson, CEO of BeautyStat, stresses the importance of a product addressing consumer needs while articulating its unique value proposition.

Yet, achieving success extends beyond science and marketing. Charlotte Palermino, co-founder of Dieux, highlights the significance of finding a niche audience, leveraging the vast reach of the internet to connect with potential consumers effectively.

Despite the evolving landscape of skincare, Hudis believes that skincare has become a universal movement, transcending generations. The momentum of the category continues to grow, presenting extraordinary opportunities for brands.

The selection process for the 100 greatest skincare products involved polling over 600 industry insiders, who evaluated products based on efficacy, innovation, sales performance, packaging, and market impact. The resulting list represents a consensus among industry experts, showcasing the most esteemed products in the skincare realm.

The voters, including prominent figures such as Ada Polla, Eva Chen, and Pamela Baxter, contributed to the selection process with their expertise and insights. Their anonymity ensured the integrity of the voting process, culminating in the unveiling of the top skincare products deserving of recognition.

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