The launch of Mohito’s mobile app. LPP sets its sights on m- commerce

In the alternate quarter of the present fiscal time, the Reserved and Sinsay mobile operations reckoned for over 50 of LPP’s online deals in Poland. The growing significance of m- commerce in deals results has urged the company to make farther investments in this area. Inmid-November this time, LPP also launched an app for Mohito, which presently has the loftieste-commerce results in the entire Group.

– The app will boost the growth eventuality of our brand in the online channel, which formerly accounts forapprox. 30 of its profit. By furnishing us with data on, among other effects, client preferences, the app allows for a better understanding of the client and acclimatizing our offer consequently. We also assume that as a more effective way of reaching and interacting with druggies, it’ll increase brand recognition and help make client fidelity, which in the long run will restate into indeed advanced deals. The app, for now available in Poland only, will also support Mohito in its development abroad. We plan to make it available in the company’s crucial deals requests. In the first half of coming time, this will include Romania and the Czech Republic – says Katarzyna Czekała, Omnichannel Deals Director, Mohito.

All the workshop related to the design and launch of the app were carried out by engaging the LPP Group coffers – the technology company – Silky Coders – and the Mohito brand platoon. The app is available in the AppStore and Google Play store and within the first weeks of launch, without a promotional crusade, it recorded over 60,000 downloads.

– We started working on the app in April 2023 and continued over the coming six months until the silent launch in early November. The app was erected to be as intuitive as possible and offer the stylish possible shopping experience. We really wished for it to meet the prospects of the brand’s guests, so we’re pleased that it’s largely rated by druggies. still, we’re continuing our sweats to ameliorate it so that it’s completely acclimated to the stoutly changing world of fashion. We laboriously cover its functioning and respond to the requirements of druggies by working on farther updates, similar as personalised recommendations or foreign language editions – says Michał Bachryj, Product Manager, Silky Coders.

In addition to easy access to the brand’s collections, the crucial functionality of the app is Mohito ID, or individual client law, which can be added as a contrivance on the phone and always have it at hand. It contains information about your purchase history, both online and in- store. It therefore makes it possible, among other effects, to make quick online returns via the forms set up in the order history and returns without a damage in all the brand stores. It also facilitates covering the status of an order and its pick up in a stationary store – once the ID has been scrutinized, the retailer sees the goods ready for release.

The app druggies may also use the label scanner, which, while shopping in the store, allows them to find a missing product, by size or colour, in another stationary store or online. Through the app, guests can also check the position of the nearest store or information on the vacuity of specific styles online or in the store. The app also makes it easy to plan the shopping experience, with orders easily arranged to include new advents and ready- to- use alleviations. In addition, it allows the client to collect a list of favourite products, including colour variations of choice. By using the app, guests also gain early access to elevations and the occasion to profit from devoted offers, and when downloading and logging in for the first time, they also admit a reduction law for their first purchase.

The growing interest in this form of contact among guests means that they decreasingly value easy access to offers and the capability to make quick purchases. This trend is also visible abroad. presently, the Reserved and Sinsay apps are available in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. also, Reserved guests are suitable to protect via this channel in Germany, and for Sinsay guests this option is available in Bulgaria and Croatia. They’re an important support of the Group’s omnichannel development strategy, thus, the company plans to expand their reach to further countries. In 2024, LPP also intends to launch mobile apps for its other brands – Cropp andHouse.LPP is a Polish family business and one of the fastest growing apparel companies in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. For 30 times, it has been successfully operating in Poland and abroad, offering its collections in similar prestigious centrals as London, Helsinki or Tel Aviv. LPP manages five fashion brands Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito, and Sinsay, whose offer is available moment in stationary and online stores in nearly 40 requests worldwide. The company has a chain of over 2000 stores with the total area of1.7 million m2 and distributes apparel and accessories to 3 mainlands every time. LPP also plays an important part as it employs nearly 30 thousand people in its services and deals structures in Poland, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the WIG20 indicator and belongs to the prestigious MSCI Poland indicator.

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