The Creator Odyssey 2024 Unveiling LTK’s Report on Emerging Trends in Creator Shopping

LTK, the platform driving Creator Commerce™, has unveiled its latest report, “The Creator Journey 2024™ Shopping Trends,” shedding light on the transformative impact creators have on consumer behavior. As creators redefine the traditional consumer purchase journey, marketers are projected to invest over $35 billion in creator marketing in 2024. The report underscores the surging trust in creators, with a 21% increase from the previous year.

Creators now hold the top position as the most trusted source across all generations, surpassing social media ads and celebrities. Gen Z, in particular, exhibits a threefold preference for creators over advertisements. This surge in creator trust has reshaped the consumer journey, with creators evolving into trusted advisors influencing every stage of the process.

Among Gen Z and Millennials, a significant 66% actively engage in shopping through creators, marking a 64% increase in wider population engagement from the previous year. The LTK platform alone sees creators driving an annual sales figure exceeding $4.1 billion, demonstrating a consistent upward trajectory.

Creator-guided shopping has become the norm, with creators integral to a brand’s full-funnel marketing strategy. The report reveals that 69% of Gen Z and 71% of Millennials are more likely to explore brands or products after engaging with creator content, finding it more inspirational than direct brand content.

The value of creator content has soared, positioning creator marketing as a key investment growth channel alongside connected TV advertising. Video content, particularly on the LTK platform, stands out, driving over 2X clicks per post compared to static content. Creator video posts on LTK have experienced a fourfold increase from 2021 to 2023.

Creators’ storytelling prowess, especially through video content, has become a driving force. Consumers express a desire to engage with creator content beyond social media, with 34% wanting to see it on TV, followed by in-store and display ads.

The report emphasizes the enduring role creators will play in shaping consumer behavior and the evolving consumer journey. Rodney Mason, Vice President and Head of Marketing, Brand Platform at LTK, highlights creators as invaluable assets, influencing inspiration, purchase decisions, and brand loyalty across all generations.

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The report consolidates key findings from LTK’s national shopper study conducted in December 2023 and a brand study in collaboration with Northwestern University’s Retail Analytics Council conducted in August 2023, involving 1,104 participants and 164 marketing decision-makers, respectively, who have invested in creator marketing in the last 12 months.

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