Symrise Unveils Flowerconcentrole®: Sustainably Sourced Flower Extracts for Well-being

Symrise’s Cosmetic Ingredients division proudly presents Flowerconcentrole®, a breakthrough collection of premium olfactive flower extracts designed to elevate skincare formulations for all skin types. Infused with Symrise’s Actimood® technology, these products not only enhance moods but also provide neurocosmetic benefits, enriching the consumer experience.

Crafted as transparent or lightly opalescent liquids, Flowerconcentrole® emanates a delicate, signature fragrance, tapping into the neuroscience of plant extract olfaction to evoke positive emotions. This innovative range has been scientifically proven to evoke sensations of relaxation, well-being, protection, joy, and freshness. By integrating Flowerconcentrole® into their products, skincare brands can revolutionize beauty routines, fostering a holistic approach that intertwines skin health with emotional wellness.

In a significant stride towards clean beauty, Symrise ensures the sustainability of Flowerconcentrole® by responsibly sourcing functional plant extracts from Madagascar, France, and Bulgaria. Each ingredient is meticulously traced back to its origin, adhering to the highest ethical and environmental standards. Comprising 100%-natural ingredients (in alignment with ISO 16128) and utilizing upcycled materials, the collection meets the escalating demand for eco-conscious cosmetics.

Marcus Höflich, Global Category Director Botanicals at Symrise, expresses excitement about the launch, emphasizing the fusion of olfactive skincare with mood enhancement through neuroscience. Flowerconcentrole® represents a culmination of Symrise’s seven-decade legacy of innovation, empowering skincare brands to unleash the full potential of flower extracts while prioritizing environmental stewardship.

The user-friendly nature of Flowerconcentrole® products facilitates seamless integration into emulsion or water-based formulas, supporting cold processing for efficient and sustainable operations. Additionally, the natural fragrance of these products effectively masks any formula base odors, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Leveraging carefully selected flower extracts renowned for their antimicrobial properties, Symrise ensures consumer safety and satisfaction.

In essence, Flowerconcentrole® epitomizes Symrise’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of skincare innovation while championing sustainability and consumer well-being.

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