Streamlining Stock and Fresh Item Replenishment with RELEX Mobile Pro

RELEX Solutions unveiled its latest innovation, RELEX Mobile Pro, an advanced AI-powered in-store execution application designed for retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. This solution is tailored for retailers seeking to streamline in-store processes by consolidating various tools. RELEX Mobile Pro enhances store efficiency by providing store colleagues with a user-friendly and precise store ordering and tasking system, with a specific emphasis on managing the intricacies of the fresh business.

Addressing the critical need to maintain consistent stock levels and freshness in the fresh department, RELEX Mobile Pro contributes not only to improved store operations but also to maximizing sales and profitability while minimizing waste. Given that over 40% of grocery retail sales are derived from fresh departments, ensuring their constant availability and freshness is paramount.

By combining the capabilities of RELEX Mobile Pro with the proven AI-driven machine learning of RELEX, customers can tackle fresh-specific challenges such as poor inventory visibility, product availability, and consumer-facing product presentation. The integration of targeted workflows and science-based recommendations enhances store personnel engagement, ensures product availability, and optimizes customer service.

Tom Charlton, Vice President of Product, Forecasting & Replenishment at RELEX Solutions, stated, “RELEX Mobile Pro is purpose-built to optimize in-store ordering and offers comprehensive task management. This automation of manual tasks boosts efficiency, allowing store personnel to focus on high-value tasks, creating a significant step-change in in-store processes.”

RELEX Mobile Pro, in conjunction with RELEX’s fresh item replenishment capabilities, utilizes AI/ML to address challenges such as understanding store inventory levels, customer purchasing patterns for perishable products, and prioritizing tasks to enhance the overall customer experience. It also plays a key role in optimizing stock management, reducing spoilage and out-of-stocks, boosting sales, and improving store labor efficiency.

The application boasts various features, including the ability to review and modify orders based on suggested replenishment amounts and stock counting updates. It also allows for ad-hoc order creation to address unforeseen ordering needs. Users can access product-specific data instantly through item scanning and search functionalities while in-store.

The unified RELEX offering further enables users to intuitively check stock balances, conduct counts, and make necessary updates. The inclusion of alerting features ensures that users receive targeted alerts for specific value-added actions, enhancing proactive decision-making and operational responsiveness.

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