Skylar Launches ‘Boardwalk Delight Hair & Body Mist’ after 2023 Perfume Success

Starco Brands (OTCQB: STCB), a company specializing in developing and acquiring transformative technologies and brands designed to elevate daily experiences, has unveiled the latest addition to its lineup. Boardwalk Delight, Skylar’s highly sought-after eau de parfum, is now conveniently available in a lightweight hair and body mist format. The introduction of Boardwalk Delight Hair & Body Mist brings the dreamy fine fragrance to a portable and easy-to-use form, allowing individuals to enjoy it wherever life may lead. Starting from February 7, the mist is accessible on, with availability expanding to on February 13 and Sephora stores on March 15. Priced at $30, the 80mL travel-friendly bottle is crafted with 30% recycled materials, aligning with Skylar’s commitment to sustainability.

Originally launched as an eau de parfum in 2023, Boardwalk Delight quickly gained popularity, selling out within just ten days of its debut. According to Sara Miranda, Skylar’s Vice President of Marketing, the newly introduced Hair & Body Mist version allows busy individuals to indulge in the fragrance’s dreamy essence, reminiscent of leisurely strolls along sun-kissed boardwalks. The scent features a delightful blend of cotton candy, raspberry sorbet, creamy coconut milk, and pure vanilla.

Skylar’s Hair & Body Mists are designed as essential companions for those with an active lifestyle. These hypoallergenic mists, known for being safe on sensitive skin, are also eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free. Their convenient size makes them easily portable, fitting effortlessly into purses, gym bags, or carry-ons, ensuring that consumers can carry their favorite Skylar scent throughout the day.

The versatility of Skylar Hair & Body Mists extends to their application on hair, skin, and various fabric types, such as cotton or polyester. This flexibility allows consumers to enjoy the fragrance in diverse ways. For those seeking a unique olfactory experience, Skylar encourages the layering of multiple fragrances, providing endless scent combinations and maximizing aromatic impact.

Ross Sklar, CEO of Starco Brands, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s achievements in the fragrance market, citing Skylar’s record-breaking quarter in 2023 as evidence of their strategic vision and commitment to innovation. With the launch of Boardwalk Delight Hair & Body Mist, Starco Brands not only expands its product range but also taps into the burgeoning global hair and body mist market. This new offering aligns with Skylar’s core values of sustainability and well-being, allowing enthusiasts to carry their preferred scent wherever they go.

The move into the hair and body mist market aligns with market trends, as highlighted by a recent report from Consegic Business Intelligence. The global hair and body mist market is experiencing rapid growth, projected to surpass USD 19,018.32 million by 2030. Skylar, having entered this market in 2023 with scents like Vanilla Sky, Coconut Cove, and Peach Fields, is well-positioned to capture a significant share with its innovative hair and body fragrance mists.

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