Sensormatic Solutions’ Latest Innovations: Combatting Shrink, Elevating Shopper Experiences at Retail Tech Show 2024

At the upcoming Retail Technology Show (RTS) 2024, Sensormatic Solutions, a leading retail solutions portfolio under Johnson Controls, is set to unveil its latest innovations. Among them are the cloud-based SaaS Shrink Analyzer application and the Store Guest Behaviors solution, both powered by cutting-edge Computer Vision Analytics (CVA). Additionally, the brand will showcase a novel innovation designed to protect merchandise and the environment, aligning with retailers’ Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives while mitigating shrinkage. These pioneering solutions will be featured at stand 6D50.

Cloud-Based SaaS Shrink Analyzer Application

The cloud-based SaaS Shrink Analyzer application represents a flexible, inventory platform-agnostic tool tailored to support retailers in crafting smarter, more efficient loss prevention (LP) programs. It aims to minimize out-of-stocks and enhance store operations by offering insights into loss events, such as organized retail crime (ORC) and fraud. Craig Szklany, Vice President and Product General Manager of Loss Prevention and Liability at Sensormatic Solutions, describes Shrink Analyzer as a tool that revolutionizes shrink visibility. By leveraging radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and exception-based exit monitoring, retailers gain unprecedented visibility into their operations, enabling proactive measures against theft and fraud.

Shrink Analyzer acts as the central data engine for a connected LP ecosystem, analyzing item-level inventory and data from Sensormatic RFID exits to identify losses in stores. Its advanced analytics capabilities empower retailers to combat theft effectively, providing clear evidence packages to bolster prosecution efforts. By revealing the true financial impact of theft and fraud, Shrink Analyzer enables retailers to prioritize response strategies, focusing on those with the most immediate impact.

Utilizing RFID technology, cloud-based analytics, and electronic product code (EPC) data, Shrink Analyzer:

  • Identifies at-risk items and ORC activity, enabling LP teams to differentiate between theft events and shrink anomalies.
  • Pinpoints vulnerable areas and displays by synthesizing data from various store systems, alerting LP teams to security gaps.
  • Enhances asset protection team productivity by facilitating the bundling of digital evidence for potential prosecution against ORC groups.
  • Optimizes other areas of operations by combining EPC exit data with retail systems sources, reducing out-of-stocks and improving replenishment efficiency.

Store Guest Behavior Analytics

Store Guest Behaviors, part of Sensormatic Solutions’ computer vision capabilities, is an AI solution that utilizes adaptive learning to provide retailers with insights into shopper journeys. By understanding shopper behavior, retailers can enhance in-store experiences, ultimately driving sales and operational excellence.

Store Guest Behaviors offers actionable insights into:

  • Shoppers’ paths to purchase, utilizing data streams like zone-level dwell time and movement analysis to highlight shoppers’ journeys and paths to purchase.
  • Audience measurement, enabling retailers to better understand customer demographics and sentiments for informed decision-making regarding merchandise mix, promotional placements, and assortment strategies.

Powered by CVA, Store Guest Behaviors enables retailers to leverage existing video infrastructure, tapping into their digital ecosystems with ease. Developed in collaboration with Intel and Lenovo, and optimized for retail, this solution aligns with Sensormatic Solutions’ suite of proprietary, connected, and outcomes-based solutions.

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