Sci-Fi Vibes Dominate Kenzo’s Fall-Winter 2024 Collection

Kenzo’s artistic director, Nigo, masterfully melded Eastern and Western influences in his latest runway spectacle, held at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF). The resulting cultural fusion gave birth to the Kenzo Magic Galaxy, a collection that draws inspiration from the expansive realm of science fiction.

Much like how filmmaker George Lucas drew from Akira Kurosawa’s samurai films, Nigo pioneers original codes to create a novel vocabulary and a fantastical new world. Both women’s and men’s silhouettes serve as bridges between two worlds, deeply rooted in Japanese tradition yet adorned with details reminiscent of distant galaxies. A kimono coat transforms into a warrior’s cape, while silvery and golden ensembles evoke the attire of a space-faring heroine. Patterns inspired by fifteenth-century Edo Komon kimonos take new form as star constellations in prints and embroideries. Throughout the collection, subtle nods to Western military wardrobes manifest in flight jackets, expansive cargo suits, and luxurious shearling jackets.

Women’s silhouettes feature judo belts cinching at the waist, while men’s gakuran schoolboy suits showcase technical wools and denim in bold reds, blacks, and khakis. Kimono constructions undergo a recontextualization in quilted nylon, denim, and tailored shirting fabrics. Patterns, such as the weave inspired by Japanese hakeshi baten firemen’s jackets, find new life in nylon, jacquards, and denim. The accessory lineup oscillates between tributes to craftsmanship, exemplified by the KENZO Furoshiki bag inspired by the Japanese art of wrapping, and futuristic elements, including the KENZO Biker motocross boot. This collection seamlessly marries tradition with innovation, offering a captivating glimpse into a fashion-forward universe.

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