Revolutionizing Operations and Enhancing Retail Margins Loop Unveils Innovative Reverse Logistics Solutions

Leading returns management platform, Loop, has unveiled new service offerings designed to empower merchants and logistics partners in enhancing reverse logistics operations and boosting profit margins. The introduction of innovative features, integrations, and partnerships facilitates enriched data sharing between Loop and merchant warehouses, streamlining the shipping and processing of returns. This initiative aims to expedite return processing, reduce shipping costs, provide better control over return policy abuses, minimize unnecessary returns, and contribute to improved sustainability efforts. In the face of increasing margin pressure, brands seek tools to optimize their entire returns experience. Loop’s latest reverse logistics offerings aim to provide merchants and logistics partners with data-driven intelligence, offering actionable insights to enhance efficiency and address the high cost associated with returns.

Key features and benefits of Loop’s new reverse logistics offerings include:

  1. Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL) Integrations: Enhanced integration with more than 35 3PLs, including an expanded collaboration with Two Boxes, a technology provider facilitating improved return processing operations and data collection. This integration ensures faster returns processing in the warehouse, offering increased visibility and efficiency for both merchants and warehouses.
  2. Item Grading and Disposition Data: Loop enables warehouse partners to incorporate new item condition and disposition API endpoints, providing merchants and 3PLs with valuable data to reduce returns abuse, enhance product lifecycle management, and optimize operational efficiency through a centralized view of all returns data.
  3. Dynamic Routing: Loop’s Dynamic Routing feature allows brands to decrease shipping costs and enhance sustainability efforts by specifying conditions for items to be routed to different destinations, such as store or outlet locations, regional warehouses, resale partners, donation centers, or manufacturers.

Jonathan Poma, CEO of Loop, emphasized the urgency for brands to optimize reverse logistics in the current economic climate, stating, “The product improvements and partnerships we have made in reverse logistics are key to our merchants’ long-term success and growth. With these improvements, we are further building on our commitment to bring intelligence, cost savings, a reduction of unnecessary returns, and fraud and abuse mitigation to our merchants’ e-commerce operations.”

Recognizing the importance of connecting digital and physical return experiences, Loop has streamlined integration with warehouses through its partnership with Two Boxes. Warehouses utilizing Two Boxes for return processing can seamlessly connect to Loop without additional integration development, facilitating greater efficiency for brands and 3PLs in handling returns and making critical business optimizations.

Kyle Bertin, Co-Founder and CEO of Two Boxes, expressed the shared vision with Loop, stating, “With our products and actionable data, we’re improving warehouse operations and closing the information gap between brands, 3PLs, and their returns.

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