Revolutionary Full-Body Antiperspirant Guarantees 72-Hour Odor Defense, Extending from Underarms to Intimate Areas

Embark on a new era of freshness with Secret’s groundbreaking Whole Body Deodorant collection, a series of aluminum-free deodorants meticulously crafted to combat underboob, intimate, and foot odors. Clinically proven to provide 72-hour odor protection, this collection comes in three innovative forms: a smooth gliding stick, a water-based cream, and a nitrogen-powered spray. Gentle on the skin, clear upon application, and enriched with expertly crafted fragrances, Secret Whole Body Deodorant aims to revolutionize women’s holistic odor control.

Extensive research conducted by Secret highlights the unspoken concerns women face regarding whole-body odor. Faced with the fear of odor breakthroughs, women resort to multiple showers, layering clothes, applying powder, and using sprays or perfumes, often avoiding close interactions. Secret addresses this common challenge by offering a comprehensive solution for 24/7 freshness.

In a strategic collaboration, Secret joins forces with ThirdLove, renowned for its inclusive sizing and commitment to celebrating the diversity of women’s bodies. Commencing on February 21, all purchases on will include a complimentary full-size Secret Whole Body Deodorant product, available while supplies last.

Heidi Zak, Co-Founder and CEO of ThirdLove, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our styles are designed to help women look and feel their best, and Secret’s latest innovation is a natural fit for our mission. We’re a brand that obsesses over the details, and Secret shares our vision of empowering women by designing products for their unique needs.”

Endorsed by four out of five gynecologists and dermatologists, Secret Whole Body Deodorant is formulated with superior skincare ingredients, free from aluminum, baking soda, dyes, phthalates, and parabens, ensuring 24/7 freshness with daily use. The comprehensive collection includes:

  1. Aluminum-Free Whole Body Deodorant Stick: Ideal for areas under the breasts or where thighs rub together. Crafted with shea butter and coconut oil, the stick glides on smoothly and leaves no residue. Available in Peach & Vanilla Blossom, Lilac & Waterlily scents, and Unscented.
  2. Aluminum-Free Whole Body Deodorant Invisible Cream: Perfect for intimate areas, this water-based cream offers precise application by hand. Quick-absorbing and free from pilling, it is available in Peach & Vanilla Blossom scent and Unscented.
  3. Aluminum-Free Whole Body Deodorant Spray: Facilitates touchless application across the body, featuring a 100% natural propellant for a burst of light, fresh fragrance. Available in Peach & Vanilla Blossom and Lilac & Waterlily scents.

Kate DiCarlo, Senior Communications Director, Personal Care Portfolio at Procter & Gamble, emphasizes the normality of body odor outside the armpits, often overlooked in conversations. The Secret Whole Body Deodorant collection draws on over 50 years of expertise in formulating products for women, aiming to normalize discussions around body odor in collaboration with ThirdLove.

Whether seeking broad coverage or precision application, Secret Whole Body Deodorant ensures 24/7 freshness from pits to privates.

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