Redro Shaping the Future of Fashion through AI

In a groundbreaking shift reshaping the forefront of fashion retail, a team comprised of seasoned leaders in fashion, venture, tech, and marketing has unveiled their latest innovation: Redro. Redro is an AI platform designed to transform visuals into style recommendations and shoppable creator content, aiming to assist fashion enthusiasts in discovering their perfect style guided by a non-judgmental, fashion-savvy AI. Recognizing the desire for instant visual shopping experiences, the Redro team introduces a new retail platform that serves as both a personalized shopping experience and a personal stylist, addressing the forefront of fashion retail in the era of artificial intelligence.

Elijah Kim, CEO of, emphasizes, “With Redro, we’re not just presenting a tool; we’re sparking a revolution in the fashion industry. Our platform goes beyond mere style suggestions—it comprehends them, utilizing AI to render fashion more accessible and personalized than ever before.”

Creators aspire to monetize their unique sense of style with minimal effort. As part of this retail experience, creators seamlessly and automatically monetize their content through intelligent AI features. The fusion of AI-driven user experiences with human-generated inspirational content represents a significant stride towards shaping the future of online commerce.

By combining decades of expertise with a bold vision for the future, Redro embodies a daring leap into an AI-driven user experience for those seeking original fashion for any occasion.

Key functionalities of Redro include:

  • Instantly shopping any fashion/clothing image uploaded.
  • Utilizing your phone camera to capture street styles encountered in real life (e.g., during fashion week), shop windows, magazines, or even personal outfits, and immediately begin shopping or creating new looks.
  • Shopping creator/influencer looks (verified creators simply upload their look, and Redro AI makes it shoppable for all app users instantly).
  • Focusing on wardrobe favorites and generating new looks by visualizing them with generative AI.

Redro is poised to revolutionize the way fashion is explored, shopped, and celebrated. For more information on the Redro App, visit or find it on the app store:

Redro: Experience fashion as it unfolds, powered by AI.

The Team Behind Redro:

  • Elijah Kim: A visionary entrepreneur with a rich history in the fashion industry, Elijah’s innovative approach led to the acquisition of the FATE (Fashion, Art, Tech, Entertainment) platform by the prestigious Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Focused on sustainability, inclusivity, and creativity, Elijah is shaping the future of fashion for a new generation of consumers.
  • Roel De Jong: A pioneer in fashion, technology, and media with over two decades of experience, Roel’s exceptional thought leadership led him to be selected by the Gucci Group for a global educational initiative, sharing his profound expertise in digital storytelling. His collaborations with premier brands like Swarovski, Tommy Hilfiger (PVH), Footlocker, and the CFDA have showcased and elevated his revolutionary content-to-commerce technologies.
  • Temoc Gonzalez: A trailblazer at the intersection of fashion, technology, and digital marketing, Temoc’s multicultural background brings a valuable perspective to his projects, making him a sought-after collaborator for brands aiming to authentically connect with diverse audiences. Co-founder of Sincerely Jules and Shop Sincerely Jules in 2007, he has spearheaded branding and social media campaigns for notable brands such as Casamigos Tequila, Paige Denim, Anine Bing, RTA, and Raquel Allegra.
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