PUMA X KIDSUPER SPORT CLUB Football’s Influence on Fashion

Reimagining PUMA’s classic designs through the prism of football, the fashion-forward collaboration between PUMA and KidSuper Sports Club introduces a vibrant collection blending pastel hues and contemporary style elements with the functionality of sportswear. The lineup includes refreshed iterations of iconic sneakers like the Velophasis and Palermo.

This distinctive collection showcases matching sets enhanced with garment dyeing, intricate graphic jacquard knits, and motifs inspired by the PUMA King, alongside unique patterns crafted by KidSuper for PUMA.

Available in two striking color palettes, the collection’s cut-and-sewn Track Jacket and Track Pants feature bold color blocking and intricate embroidery details. Crafted with a specialized jacquard knit technique, the Knitted Jersey and Shorts boast eye-catching graphic elements and proudly display the KidSuper Football Club badge.

The Cardigan utilizes the same jacquard knit process, featuring an all-over print that abstracts human facial features, adding an avant-garde touch to the ensemble. Meanwhile, the Longsleeve and Skirt incorporate a power mesh textile, adorned with custom artwork by KidSuper, further elevating the collection’s artistic flair.

Introducing an array of coordinating ensembles, this distinctive collection is enriched with garment dyeing, intricate graphic jacquard knits, and captivating motifs inspired by the iconic PUMA King, alongside bespoke designs crafted by KidSuper for PUMA.

Available in dual color schemes, the collection’s meticulously crafted Track Jacket and Track Pants boast accentuated color blocking and exquisite embroidered accents. Employing a jacquard knit technique, the Knitted Jersey and Shorts showcase dynamic graphic elements adorned with the esteemed KidSuper Football Club badge.

The Cardigan mirrors this jacquard knit method, adorned with an all-over print abstracting human facial features, while the Longsleeve and Skirt feature a power mesh textile embellished with bespoke artwork by KidSuper.

Revamped and refined, the Velophasis Nu and the beloved Palermo Nu epitomize modernity with premium cashmere suede uppers, mesh underlays, and custom PUMA and KidSuper Studios tags adorning the tongue. Distressed detailing lends the Velophasis Nu a nostalgic Y2K aesthetic.

Complementing this contemporary range inspired by the artistry of football, the collaborative PUMA x KidSuper accessories include a Bucket Hat, Duffle Bag, and Scarf.

Bringing together a diverse ensemble cast, the campaign centers around Dillane as the patriarch of the PUMA x KidSuper family. Drawing inspiration from ’90s mobster films, the visuals capture the essence of the artistic collection, spotlighting the iconic matching tracksuits.

The highly anticipated PUMA x KidSuper Sport Club collection debuts on April 13, 2024, both online at kidsuper.com and in select retail outlets. Additionally, a collaborative release with PUMA Basketball is slated for May.

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