PUMA and Tencent Collaborate to Spearhead a Groundbreaking E-commerce Business Model

PUMA and Tencent Enter Strategic Alliance for 2024 GGP, Pioneering Enhanced E-commerce and Consumer Engagement”

Renowned sports brand PUMA has officially inked a strategic partnership with Tencent for the 2024 GGP (GMV Growth Plan), marking a collaboration aimed at leveraging their respective strengths to drive comprehensive operational development. The signing ceremony, attended by Shirley Li, General Manager of PUMA China, Fan Yijin, General Manager of Tencent Ad Sales and Operations, and Wang Mo, General Manager of Tencent Smart Retail Vertical Industry Ecology, solidifies their commitment to advancing high-quality services.

Fueled by digitization, PUMA and Tencent aim to integrate Tencent’s social ecosystem resources and cutting-edge technologies to create an innovative model that enhances the quality and efficiency of consumer services. The collaboration seeks to forge a stronger emotional connection between the brand and consumers by providing a seamless online and offline experience.

Shirley Li emphasized PUMA’s commitment to introducing innovative products and elevating consumer experiences in the realm of sports. The collaboration with Tencent reflects PUMA’s strategic vision, capitalizing on Tencent’s extensive ecosystem to gain localized insights into consumer needs, ultimately driving long-term growth in the Chinese market.

In this partnership, PUMA will leverage Tencent’s diverse online traffic resources and established social ecosystem to strengthen digital infrastructure for deeper consumer connections. The initiative aims to create a social media matrix seamlessly integrating online and offline ecosystems to fortify long-term brand resilience.

Fan Yijin highlighted Tencent’s connection with users through features like Moments, WeChat Official Accounts, WeChat Channels, and WeChat Pay. The collaboration with PUMA allows Tencent to integrate internal resources, meeting PUMA’s digital operational requirements and indicating predictable growth.

With 2024 being a pivotal year for major sports events and surging national enthusiasm for sports, PUMA and Tencent are set to explore more efficient solutions. Their collaboration aims to enhance efficiency in both public and private sectors, achieve a mutually beneficial outcome through digitalization, foster innovation in the sportswear industry, and pave the way for upgraded digital intelligence.

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