Perfect Corp. Reveals Innovative ‘Beautiful AI’ Brand Solutions for Beauty, Skincare, and Fashion at Viva Technology 2024

Perfect Corp., a leading provider of AI and AR beauty and fashion technology, has proudly announced the expansion of its Beautiful AI solutions. These solutions, spanning Beauty AI, Skin AI, Fashion AI, and Generative AI, promise to revolutionize the beauty, skincare, and fashion industries. You’re invited to experience these cutting-edge innovations at Booth E55 during the Viva Technology show from May 22 to 25, 2024.

Among the notable additions is the introduction of the ‘PerfectGPTTM’ framework, a versatile toolset designed to elevate AI services for brands. This framework enables natural language interactions with specialized assistants, facilitating seamless engagement with various Beautiful AI solutions. These include BeautyGPTTM, SkincareGPTTM, AI MakeupTransfer, AI Face Swap, HD Skin Analysis, and Skincare Pro with Virtual Aesthetic Tools.

  1. BeautyGPTTM: Tailored for beauty enthusiasts and makeup brands, this AI Makeup Assistant offers a range of features such as natural chat, virtual makeup try-on, personalized recommendations based on facial attributes, interactive tutorials, and product suggestions.
  2. SkincareGPTTM: Specifically crafted for the skincare industry, this AI assistant provides personalized skincare solutions through natural chat, HD skin scans, tailored product recommendations, and skin simulation via AR experiences.
  3. High-Definition Skin Analysis: Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis solution now delivers scans in high definition, offering enhanced accuracy and detailed results. Brands can leverage this to provide more personalized product recommendations based on customers’ unique skin conditions.
  4. AI Makeup Transfer: This groundbreaking technology extracts makeup looks from reference images and applies them to users’ faces in real-time using AR technology, complete with personalized product recommendations.
  5. Skincare Pro with Virtual Aesthetic Feature: This update empowers specialists to showcase the potential outcomes of various aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures to customers before they commit, enhancing decision-making processes.
  6. AI Face Swap: Offering hyper-realistic results, this innovation superimposes facial images onto selected portraits, allowing brands to create personalized experiences for users.

The launch of these Beautiful AI solutions at Viva Technology 2024 signals a significant milestone in the integration of AI in the beauty and luxury sectors. As industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors converge to explore these advancements, transformative partnerships and initiatives are poised to emerge.

Alice Chang, Founder & CEO of Perfect Corp., expressed excitement about introducing these transformative technologies, emphasizing their commitment to empowering businesses with innovative solutions.

With their focus on advanced functionalities and user experience, these innovations promise seamless integration and intuitive interfaces. As Viva Technology 2024 approaches, the unveiling of the Beautiful AI suite heralds an exciting era of technological innovation and limitless possibilities for businesses worldwide.

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