Perfect Corp. Introduces AR Virtual Makeup Features for Florasis International Website

Perfect Corp., a prominent provider of AI and AR beauty and fashion technology renowned for its ‘Beautiful AI’ solutions, has unveiled a collaboration with the esteemed C-Beauty label Florasis. This partnership aims to enhance the brand’s online makeup shopping experience by introducing a range of Virtual Makeup Try-On services on its international website.

Embracing Tradition: Florasis Showcases East Asian Beauty Through Makeup

Florasis, deeply rooted in traditional beauty values since its inception, has carved a niche for itself as a brand that epitomizes East Asian aesthetics. By blending advanced technology with a profound understanding of nature’s rejuvenating elements for the skin, Florasis products seamlessly merge makeup and skincare. Its distinctive product designs, crafted in collaboration with masters of East Asian artistry, reimagine tradition through contemporary design, resulting in timeless offerings. With a focus on global expansion, Florasis aims to utilize various sales channels, including its website, to introduce its artistic beauty products to a wider audience. Through Virtual Makeup Try-Ons on its official international website, Florasis seeks to share and celebrate the concept of traditional beauty with a diverse global audience.

Reaching Out to International Audiences and Enhancing Multi-Channel Shopping Experiences

As many Chinese brands strive to expand globally, they are rapidly evolving their business models to transcend geographical boundaries. Embracing the innovative ‘new retail’ concept, these brands are leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline and enrich the shopping experience for consumers. Additionally, they are adeptly incorporating global fashion trends, positioning themselves as formidable contenders on the world stage.

In a strategic partnership with Perfect Corp., Florasis is revolutionizing the online shopping experience for international customers through Virtual Makeup Try-On technology. This digital enhancement underscores Florasis’ commitment to a robust omnichannel strategy. The virtual services are meticulously crafted to deliver seamless, cohesive, and premium experiences to shoppers worldwide. By harnessing Perfect Corp.’s pioneering technology, Florasis ensures that its international clientele enjoys a superior virtual shopping encounter on its global platform.

Alice Chang, Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp., expresses confidence and pride in the collaboration with the esteemed beauty brand. “Florasis’ decision to leverage our technology to showcase its makeup line on its international website is a fantastic validation,” says Chang. She further emphasizes, “It underscores how our cutting-edge technology aligns with the aspirations of brands aiming for global recognition.

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