Perfect Corp clinches two Innocos Biohackers’ Beauty Awards, securing Best Skincare and Best Haircare Diagnostic honors for its cutting-edge AI solutions.

Perfect Corp., a leading provider of AI and AR beauty and fashion technology, proudly announced today that its groundbreaking AI Skin Tech and AI Hair Tech solutions have received prestigious recognition at the Innocos Biohackers’ Choice Beauty Awards. The company secured two accolades in the Best Skincare Diagnostic and Best Haircare Diagnostic categories. These awards spotlight products and technologies that demonstrate excellence in innovation, sustainability, and efficacy within the beauty and wellness sectors.

Perfect Corp. is dedicated to enhancing the beauty journey through its “Beautiful AI” mission, and its AI Skin and AI Hair technologies play a pivotal role in reshaping how beauty consumers engage with beauty inspiration and receive personalized product recommendations using state-of-the-art AI technology. By enabling brands to offer personalized skin and hair diagnostic experiences, consumers are empowered to take a more informed and proactive approach to their skin and hair health, leading to more confident purchasing decisions.

Revolutionizing the Customer Experience and Boosting Sales with Cutting-Edge AI Skin Technology

Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Technology is transforming the shopping experience for skincare brands and MedSpas, providing users with a comprehensive virtual skin analysis. The solution utilizes an ultra-fast edge AI algorithm that identifies 14 types of skin concerns, recognizes skin types, and determines skin age in real-time through live camera mode on the user’s personal device. This technology enables skincare brands to deliver personalized skincare regimens and product recommendations, elevating the overall shopping experience and offering tailored advice to each individual consumer.

Transforming Hair Care with AI-Powered Virtual Try-Ons and Personalized Hair Analysis

Perfect Corp.’s AI-powered Hair technology allows consumers to virtually try on hyper-realistic hair colors, providing endless inspiration for their next hair transformation. The tool leverages the full color range for hair dye try-on capabilities that work across all hair types and styles, from various angles. Users can further personalize the experience by experimenting with single-color, gradient dye patterns, or fully customizing the dye coverage, blending area, and shine level.

Additionally, Perfect Corp.’s AI Hair Diagnostic technology offers curl pattern hair type analysis, guiding shoppers in their hair care recommendations tailored to their unique hair texture. Utilizing AI deep learning algorithms, users’ hair is analyzed via their smartphone camera, accurately detecting and mapping the standard hair curl chart to determine hair type and recommend the best products for individual hair concerns. This solution provides users with instant hair care product recommendations based on their unique hair curl patterns and shapes.

Paving the Way for the Future of Beauty through AI Innovation

Alice Chang, CEO and Founder of Perfect Corp., stated, “Improving the consumer beauty journey with the power of Beautiful AI innovation is central to our mission at Perfect Corp.” She expressed gratitude for the two Biohackers’ Choice Beauty Awards in the Best Skincare Diagnostic and Best Haircare Diagnostic categories. Chang emphasized the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI, ensuring that all consumers have access to personalized and empowering beauty experiences. Perfect Corp. aims to continue leading the way in AI innovation, shaping the future of beauty for consumers worldwide.

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