Nylabone Expands Two Chew Toy Collections with Fresh Flavors and Innovative Shapes

Nylabone®, a renowned brand under the Central Garden & Pet portfolio (NASDAQ: CENT) (NASDAQ: CENTA), is expanding its chew toy product lines by introducing fresh shapes and flavors. The enhancements include enticing options in the Gourmet Style collection, featuring innovative flavors and shapes, as well as original chew toys inspired by everyday objects with a playful twist. Glen S. Axelrod, President and CEO of Nylabone Products, expressed the brand’s commitment not only to satisfying dogs’ natural chewing instincts but also to doing so in novel and exciting ways.

“We at Nylabone are not only dedicated to satisfying dogs’ natural chewing instincts—but satisfying them in new and exciting ways,” said Glen S. Axelrod, President and CEO of Nylabone Products.

The newly introduced Nylabone® products comprise:

  1. New Gourmet Style Chew Toy Flavors and Shapes: Crafted to delight flavor enthusiasts, Gourmet Style chew toys feature bold bits of visible gourmet flavor. The expanded range includes Aged Cheddar, Baby Back Ribs, and Filet Mignon flavors, accompanied by two shapes: the popular Souper shape and a larger femur bone, previously exclusive to puppies.
  2. New Chew Toy Flavors and Shapes: Infused with fun and cuteness, these chew toys present a playful twist on everyday objects, such as a smiling donut. The new varieties include a donut, marshmallow stick, peanut, and an extra-large version of the beloved pretzel shape. Each item offers unique textures to engage dogs, along with flavors like Bacon Glazed and Toasted Marshmallow & Peanut Butter. The shapes cater to different chew strengths, with Power Chew for extreme chewers and Strong Chew for tough chewers.

These innovative chew toys are set to hit pet supply stores in spring 2024, offering pet parents exciting options to enrich their furry friends’ chewing experiences.

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