Nike’s Supportive Gear for Moms Pump-Compatible Bra & Easy-On Shoe

Amidst a whirlwind of change, Nike aims to provide expecting and postpartum mothers with a reliable constant: performance apparel and footwear that cater specifically to their needs, offering support, versatility, and comfort.

In pursuit of this objective, Nike’s dedicated teams, including mothers and partners of mothers, have developed innovative solutions. Among these are a groundbreaking wearable pump-compatible sports bra and an adjustable, easy-on walking shoe designed to enhance daily movement and well-being. The Nike (M) Swoosh Bra is engineered to deliver the flexibility mothers require. Its adjustable cups accommodate wearable breast pumps, while unique hardware on the straps allows for individual strap drop-down for nursing convenience. The interior lining incorporates Nike Leak Protection: Breast Milk, a specialized moisture-managing material that helps prevent visible breast milk leaks. Moreover, the bra’s adaptable cup capacity and flexible, adjustable bottom band cater to changing body shapes. Padded foam straps alleviate pressure points, while mesh layers offer ventilation and steadfast support for wearable breast pumps, even during physical activity.

Fanny Ho, Nike’s Senior Manager of Design Innovation, underscores the scarcity of nursing sports bras in the performance realm, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to bridging this gap. The Nike Reina EasyOn represents Nike’s inaugural shoe tailored for expecting and postpartum mothers. Inspired by and designed for mothers, this shoe features a proprietary Nike My-Fit Sockliner, allowing wearers to adjust the shoe’s width to accommodate foot swelling. The EasyOn design facilitates hands-free entry while ensuring a secure fit. With features tailored to support various fitness activities, from low-impact exercises to everyday wear, the Reina boasts a Nike Flyknit upper for comfort, a supportive plate to combat foot fatigue, and a sole with wider stance and waffle traction for enhanced stability.

Kelly O’Connor, Nike’s Director of Lifestyle Footwear Product, emphasizes the significance of innovating for motherhood and highlights the shoe’s adaptability to meet the evolving needs of expecting and postpartum mothers. Personal testimonials, like O’Connor’s own experience as a mother of two, underscore the passion and momentum driving the development of these products.

In addition to the Nike (M) Swoosh Bra and Nike Reina EasyOn Shoe, Nike is expanding its Nike (M) collection, introducing new apparel options, including dresses, along with refreshed tanks, tops, shorts, and tights. Complementing these offerings, Nike is expanding its motherhood-inspired workouts on the Nike Training Club app, with new routines tailored specifically for moms.

The Nike (M) Swoosh Bra and Nike (M) collection are currently available on and select retail stores, with the Nike Reina EasyOn shoe set to launch in May.