Nike Teams Up with Nala Track Club: Empowering Kenya’s Women Runners to Reach Their Goals

Nike’s commitment to empowering the next generation of female runners, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds, is evident in its latest partnership announcement. Teaming up with Nala Track Club, an exclusively female club based in Kenya and established by Nike athlete Mary Ngugi, the company aims to provide opportunities for young women to excel in running at a semi-professional level. Situated in Nyahururu City and founded in 2022, Nala Track Club offers a comprehensive and supportive training camp experience, fostering a safe environment for female athletes to thrive.

Mary Ngugi emphasizes the challenges faced by female runners in Kenya, where opportunities for women in the sport are not as widespread as those for men. Often, promising female athletes must make significant sacrifices, such as forgoing education, to pursue running at a high level. Ngugi’s vision for Nala Track Club is to combat this inequality by empowering young women through running.

Beyond elite performance, Nala Track Club prioritizes showcasing diverse career opportunities for its members. Ngugi believes that by exposing girls and young women to various professional roles within the running industry, they can envision their own potential in any field they choose. This emphasis on female representation extends to coaching, where Nala Track Club aims to increase the number of female coaches in Kenya, providing mentorship and guidance to aspiring athletes.

Nike’s support for Nala Track Club extends to coaching development and training, as well as funding in-residence scholarship opportunities for promising female runners. These scholarships aim to remove financial barriers and provide essential support for young athletes pursuing their dreams.

This partnership with Nala Track Club aligns with Nike’s broader commitment to supporting female runners worldwide. Initiatives like Project Dreamweaver, which assisted 120 women in the U.S. in training for the 2024 Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials, exemplify Nike’s dedication to empowering women in sport. Through collaborations, mentorship, and community programs, Nike continues to inspire and enable millions of girls around the world to discover the joy of movement and pursue their athletic ambitions.

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