NIKE, Inc. Leverages Community Strength to Propel Progress Towards a Better World for Everyone

At NIKE, Inc., we firmly believe in the transformative power of community. It is through our collective efforts that we strive towards our vision of a world where all athletes* thrive – one that is inclusive, equitable, diverse, and sustainable. Our commitment to this vision is reflected in our 2025 targets, which serve as benchmarks to ensure we make tangible progress. The FY23 NIKE, Inc. Impact Report highlights the strides we’ve made:

Fostering Equity Within and Beyond Nike’s Community Diversity fuels innovation, and we are dedicated to fostering an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives can thrive. We take pride in maintaining 1:1 pay equity for women and U.S. racial and ethnic minorities. Furthermore, our efforts to increase representation of U.S. racial and ethnic minorities at the director-plus level have shown significant progress, with a 9 percent increase compared to our 2020 baseline. NIKE, Inc. has been recognized for its commitment to workplace inclusion by organizations like Workplace Pride and the Human Rights Campaign, consistently earning recognition as a top workplace for LGBTQIA+ employees. Globally, our substantial community investment of $142.7 million in FY23, equivalent to 2.1 percent of our pretax income, underscores our commitment to fostering equitable access to sports and inclusive communities. Initiatives such as the Black Community Commitment and Inclusive Community Portfolio, totaling $40.8 million in FY23, exemplify our dedication to advancing systemic equity and inclusivity. Additionally, Converse’s contribution of $225,000 to organizations promoting Black Joy in FY23 further reinforces our commitment to driving positive change.

Progress Towards 2025 Targets In FY23, NIKE, Inc. made significant strides towards achieving its 29 targets for 2025. These achievements underscore our commitment to bringing more people, including future generations of athletes, into the world of sports by fostering connections and inspiring meaningful relationships.

Building a Sustainable Future for Sport and Communities As part of our journey towards a more sustainable future, NIKE, Inc. is actively engaging communities to promote environmental stewardship and circularity. In FY23, we achieved a remarkable 69 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from our owned or operated facilities. Additionally, we successfully met our 2025 renewable energy targets, with 96 percent of our electricity sourced from renewable sources globally. We remain steadfast in our commitment to diverting 100 percent of waste from Tier 1 manufacturing facilities away from landfills. Locally, our partnership with Trust For Public Land, established in 2022, has played a crucial role in addressing climate inequity and providing access to green spaces, sports, and recreational activities for underserved communities in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Empowering Youth Through Sport and Creativity We recognize that youth are the future of Nike, and we are committed to nurturing their creativity and passion for sports. In FY23, we directly impacted over 1.1 million children worldwide, with nearly half being girls, by introducing them to the joy of movement through various play and sport-based programs. Moreover, we provided training and support to over 142,000 coaches, equipping them with the necessary tools to deliver inclusive and enjoyable experiences to all children. By instilling positive behaviors at scale, we are reshaping the youth sports experience, particularly for girls.”

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