NICE Actimize Secures Top Position as Overall Leader in the 2023 Quadrant Knowledge Communications Surveillance Report

NICE Actimize,  has been ranked by global advisory and consulting firm Quadrant Knowledge Solutions as the overall global Leader in its report titled “SPARK Matrix™: Communication Surveillance, Q4, 2023.” The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions research report, which provided competitive analysis and a ranking of 11 global communication surveillance vendors in the form of its proprietary SPARK Matrix, scored NICE Actimize highest across Technology Excellence and Customer Impact performance metrics for the second consecutive year.

NICE Actimize’s SURVEIL-X Communication Surveillance system effectively monitors various electronic communications, encompassing emails with attachments, mobile messaging, and simultaneous tracking of voice and video conversations. This comprehensive capability enables organizations to reconstruct conversation histories and gain insights into the genuine intent behind employee actions.

As highlighted in the Quadrant Knowledge report evaluating NICE Actimize and its SURVEIL-X Communication Surveillance solution, the system employs scenario and AI-based analytics to oversee all employee communications. With patented correlation capabilities, it provides extensive surveillance coverage, facilitating the easy linking and analysis of related interactions across multiple channels. The solution’s prowess in monitoring electronic communications, along with voice and video conversations concurrently, enables organizations to reconstruct conversation histories and decipher the true objectives behind employee actions.

The report emphasizes the SURVEIL-X Communication Surveillance solution’s robust multi-dimensional analytics and AI-based machine learning models. These capabilities encompass language detection, automated speech recognition, anomaly detection, and natural language processing (NLP) for in-depth text analysis. The solution harnesses a sturdy rules engine with ML transformer-based architectures.

Vishal Jagasia, Senior Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, notes that NICE Actimize’s customers acknowledge the SURVEIL-X platform for its user-friendly deployment, seamless integration, overall technological experience, and customization capabilities tailored to specific business needs. He highlights the integration of the communication surveillance solution with the comprehensive trade surveillance offering, backed by advanced market visualization, analytics, and extensive coverage.

Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President at NICE, emphasizes the company’s commitment to developing solutions that assist financial institutions in maintaining compliance and minimizing the risk of regulatory fines. The SURVEIL-X communication surveillance solution, offering an end-to-end approach covering all communication modalities, provides instant access to vast records, facilitates rapid search, and automates event reconstruction. This significantly reduces compliance costs, enhances overall efficiency, and improves the accuracy of compliance teams.

Looking ahead, NICE Actimize’s roadmap for SURVEIL-X Communication Surveillance includes refining the precision of AI-powered text analysis and transcription for all audio and video communications, along with expanding language coverage. The company also aims to leverage employee communication activity to enhance conduct surveillance as part of the evolving capabilities of SURVEIL-X.

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