Nat Geo Rocks NYFW ‘Fit for a Queen’ Fashion Show

National Geographic is set to make a grand entrance into New York Fashion Week on Saturday, February 10, presenting an immersive fashion show titled Nat Geo Presents: ‘Fit for a Queen.’ This spectacular event will showcase emerging designer looks from notable names like JêBlanc, Theophilio, Studio 189, Bed on Water, Almasika, L’Enchanteaur, Téjahn Burnett, and more, drawing inspiration from the upcoming female-led docu-series QUEENS, premiering on Nat Geo on March 4 and subsequently streaming on Disney+ and Hulu on March 5.

The visually stunning fashion show, produced and led by a team of talented women, aims to celebrate the parallels between the powerful queens of nature and women who are revolutionizing various industries, particularly the world of fashion. QUEENS, narrated by the acclaimed Angela Bassett, introduces a groundbreaking perspective in the natural history genre, showcasing formidable matriarchs ruling in the animal kingdom across six iconic worlds.

The ‘Fit for a Queen’ fashion show will incorporate holographic images of these impressive female animals, seamlessly intertwined with powerful women models. The presentation promises to offer a unique perspective on the intimate and dynamic narratives of queendom, showcasing matriarchal themes from the QUEENS series, such as African Queens with the lioness, Coastal Queens with the brown bear, and Savanna Queens with the elephant.

This transcendent experience goes beyond the realms of fashion, emphasizing Nat Geo’s commitment to reshaping the natural history genre by placing influential women at the forefront, both in front of and behind the camera. Like the QUEENS series, the ‘Fit for a Queen’ experience is curated and styled by the rising star in the fashion community, Sakinah Bashir, who carefully selects looks from designers like JêBlanc, Theophilio, Studio 189, Bed on Water, and accessories from Almasika and L’Enchanteaur, along with shoes by Téjahn Burnett. Each ensemble is a cohesive representation of the animals and environments depicted in QUEENS, embracing the late nineties runway aesthetics with deep color tones, dramatic headpieces, and unique adornments.

Janet Vissering, Senior Vice President, Production and Development at National Geographic, expresses the significance of making this debut at New York Fashion Week, stating, “New York Fashion Week is arguably pop culture’s most epic and influential event of the year.” She emphasizes the alignment with Nat Geo’s nod to queendom, celebrating the contributions to the movement of unstoppable women and powerful female matriarchs.

Noteworthy filmmakers from the QUEENS women-led team attending the event include Vanessa Berlowitz, executive producer and founder of Wildstar Films, along with directors of photography Sophie Darlington and Erin Ranney, and producer and director Faith Musembi.

The visionary Black-female-owned, women-led team at the award-winning multicultural marketing agency Pop’N Creative is behind the creation and production of Nat Geo Presents: ‘Fit for a Queen.’

QUEENS, narrated by Angela Bassett, premieres on March 4 on National Geographic and on March 5 on Disney+ and Hulu. The docu-series unveils the untold stories of powerful female leaders in the wild, showcasing their sacrifice, resilience, friendship, and love. This groundbreaking series, four years in the making, is helmed by a female-led production team, leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer unprecedented insights into the rise to power of females in the natural world. The final episode pays tribute to the women who have dedicated their lives to documenting and protecting these animal queens, ultimately celebrating the awe-inspiring force of nature – the QUEENS.

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