Merz Aesthetics Sponsors Symposium & Presents New Findings at AMWC 2024

The Merz Aesthetics program includes a sponsored symposium on March 28th from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. CET entitled Beauty Without Borders: Aesthetics Across Continents, moderated by Dr. Sabrina Fabi, with explanations from Dr. Kate Goldie, Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Dr. Rolf Bartsch and Dr. Rossana Vasconcelos. During the event, the group will discuss the diverse beauty and anti-aging landscape worldwide, nuances and variations in aging issues among different patient populations, and recommended techniques and products.

“Year after year, the AMWC gives us the opportunity to connect and collaborate with colleagues from all over the world. It provides a forum to showcase our research and advances in medical aesthetics,” said Terri Phillips, MD, Chief Medical Affairs Officer, Merz Aesthetics. “We look forward to participating in scientific exchange, forging new relationships, discussing innovations in our product portfolio and also sharing insights from the ever-evolving field of regenerative aesthetics.”

“At Merz Aesthetics, we strive to provide healthcare professionals and their patients with the best possible experience,” said Gonzalo Mibelli, President, EMEA, Merz Aesthetics. “I look forward to presenting our latest data and delivering on our promise to our customers to meet their ever-evolving needs.”

In addition to the symposium, Merz Aesthetics will also show five e-posters for the first time. The abstracts will be available to view on-site throughout the entire congress and will be displayed on the virtual e-poster platform with detailed abstracts. These are the topics of the e-posters on display:

  • Long-term Duration and Safety of CaHA(+) -CMC for the Treatment of Jawline – Jeremy B. Green, MD, Roberta Del Campo, MD, Alan J. Durkin, MD, David K. Funt, MD, Nicole Nasrallah, MS, Keith Martinez, PhD, Amir Moradi, MD
  • Tissue Integration of Hyaluronic Acid-Containing Dermal Fillers: Automated Approach Using a Human Skin Model Under Optimal Tension – Kay Marquardt, PhD, Christian Hartmann, PhD, Michael Conneely , PhD, Robyn Hickerson, PhD, Kristina Riegel, PhD, Thomas Hengl, PhD
  • Stimulation of Elastin Neogenesis by Micro-Focused Ultrasound (MFU-V) – Kay Marquardt, PhD, Christian Hartmann, PhD, Flora Wegener, PhD, Nils Warfving, PhD, Kristina Riegel, PhD, Thomas Hengl, PhD
  • Consensus Agreements on Regenerative Aesthetics: Terminology, Goals, and Strategies – Dr. Kate Goldie, Dr. Greg Chernoff, Dr. Niamh Corduff, Dr. Owen Davies, Dr. Jani van Loghem, Dr. Bianca Viscomi
  • Micro-focused Ultrasound with Visualization and Aesthetic Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Clinical Studies – Dr. Sabrina Guillen Fabi, Dr. Gabriela Casabona, Dr. Tatjana Pavicic, Dr. Julia Sevi, Dr. Julieta Spada, Dr. Vasanop Vachiramon, Dr. Rossana Vasconcelos, Dr. Siew Tuck Wah

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