Mattel and Rizzoli New York Collaborate to Release ‘BARBIE THE WORLD TOUR’ on March 8, 2024

  • Today, Rizzoli and Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT) unveiled the upcoming release of “BARBIE™: THE WORLD TOUR” (ISBN: 9780789345578, $55.00 US, Rizzoli New York), a captivating illustrated book that captures the allure and high fashion associated with the world’s most beloved doll. The announcement comes in the wake of the unprecedented success of Greta Gerwig’s acclaimed Barbie movie. Producer and star Margot Robbie, along with her stylist Andrew Mukamal, embarked on a distinctive press tour, delving into Barbie’s iconic wardrobe and vintage pieces. They collaborated with renowned designers such as Giorgio Armani and Donatella Versace to create ensembles inspired by Barbie’s original looks.

Many of these exclusive outfits were not showcased during the official Barbie press tour, which was cut short. To rectify this, Margot and Andrew collaborated with esteemed fashion photographer Craig McDean to capture Robbie in these meticulously curated looks. The book documents her adorned in Schiaparelli in Los Angeles, donning Vivienne Westwood in London, and sporting vintage Chanel with matching Streamline luggage at the airport, among other settings. Andrew Mukamal expresses the magnitude of the project, stating, “This book is the culmination of tens of thousands of hours of work by some of the most talented and creative visionaries and designers on Earth. Margot and I felt compelled to share this with the world. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

McDean’s opulent photography is complemented by images of original Barbie dolls from the era, rare materials from Mattel’s Barbie fashion archives, and sketches and Polaroids from fittings by designers. Art director Fabien Baron skillfully weaves these elements into evocative collages. The book, featuring text by Margot Robbie and Andrew Mukamal, also includes handwritten contributions from the designers behind the looks, including Olivier Rousteing, Michelle Ochs, Manolo Blahnik, and Jeremy Scott. This unique collaboration blends the sophistication of high fashion with the playful essence of Barbie’s world, showcasing the dolls, the history, and the style that have captivated imaginations for 65 years.

Lisa McKnight, Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer at Mattel, commended the project, stating, “Barbie: The World Tour is the ultimate realization of Barbiecore, with iconic looks inspired by Barbie’s 65 years of fashion history, now brought to life by Margot and Andrew with best-in-class designers. It’s been inspiring to see the world follow the designs curated by Margot and Andrew in celebration of the movie, Barbie. Rich with unexpected playfulness, historic nods, and self-expression, these looks represent an exciting new take on Barbie style.

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