Maesa Celebrates the Achievements of the First Graduating Cohort from the MaesaMagicIncubator

Maesa, the leading beauty incubator in the mass market, is excited to announce the successful completion of the inaugural cohort, Class of 2024, from the #MaesaMagicIncubator. Launched in 2023 as part of Maesa’s 25th-anniversary celebration and to pay homage to the company’s entrepreneurial origins, this program aimed to uplift and empower entrepreneurs from underserved communities. It combined lecture-based learning, personalized mentorship, hands-on training, and provided access to grant capital without any strings attached.

The Maesa Magic initiative seeks to redefine beauty norms by encouraging innovative thinking. The three entrepreneurial ventures selected through a rigorous process align with Maesa’s mission of unconventional approaches to meet consumer needs through groundbreaking beauty products. Throughout the 12-week program, the visionary CEOs of Fuzz Clinic, House of Foster, and Squigs Beauty were granted a transformative experience, learning from top industry experts and applying their newfound knowledge to propel their companies forward.

The program structure included six weeks of foundational business lectures and personalized working sessions, four weeks of hands-on training tailored to each individual venture, two weeks of pitch preparation, insightful fireside chats with industry experts, and an exclusive participation in the “Future of Commerce and Work” leadership development program hosted by Emerson Group at the Harvard Faculty Club.

The culmination of the program saw each founder presenting their entrepreneurial journey, brand story, and tangible achievements to an esteemed advisory board. The panel, featuring Maesa leadership, including CEO Piyush Jain, Chief Brand Officer Oshiya Savur, and Chief Growth Officer Scott Kestenbaum, along with industry leaders such as Hairitage Founder and CEO Mindy McKnight, Create & Cultivate Founder Jaclyn Johnson, and Motivational Speaker and Writer Jodi-Ann Burey, provided invaluable feedback and tools for success. Each graduate received a $35,000 grant to scale their business.

Piyush Jain, Maesa CEO, expressed his satisfaction with the program, stating, “Over the course of our inaugural #MaesaMagicIncubator program, we have endeavored to accomplish our mission of amplifying the unique voices of beauty entrepreneurs and empowering them to grow their brands.” He emphasized the program’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting communities.

The three graduates of the inaugural #MaesaMagicIncubator cohort are:

  1. Fuzz Clinic, founded by Keisha Wagner-Gaymon, offering pre/post hair removal skincare tailored for women of color. The brand focuses on formulations infused with botanical ingredients to address common issues associated with hair removal, aiming to boost customer confidence and enhance self-esteem.
  2. House of Foster, founded by Selah Jael, is a brand advocating unapologetic, explorative fragrances scientifically designed to evoke a sense of home. The line, accessible to all, features modern accords with a soulful undertone, aiming to redefine the boundaries of clean fragrance.
  3. Squigs Beauty, founded by Nikita Charuza, is an award-winning Ayurvedic beauty brand promoting approachable, fun, and effective skincare. The brand’s mission, “Happy Headcare,” focuses on caring for both facial and scalp skin, with a percentage of proceeds donated to mental health charities. This class marks an exciting beginning for the #MaesaMagicIncubator, with anticipation for the welcoming of more beauty and wellness entrepreneurs who embody the spirit of Maesa Magic in future programs.

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