LYCRA Brand Introduces Innovative Customizable Fit Solution at Kingpins Amsterdam

The LYCRA Company, renowned for its pioneering work in developing cutting-edge and sustainable fiber and technology solutions for the apparel sector, has unveiled an extraordinary breakthrough in stretch denim shaping. At a press conference held at Kingpins Amsterdam today, the company introduced LYCRA FitSense® denim technology, a revolutionary shaping innovation aimed at offering a tailored fit solution for all body types. This advanced technology targets specific areas such as the stomach, waist, thighs, and buttocks, providing precise support where needed and delivering a customizable fit experience unparalleled in the denim industry.

Ebru Ozaydin, Global Director of Strategic Marketing for Denim, Wovens, and Ready-to-Wear at The LYCRA Company, explained, “Our technology seamlessly integrates targeted support into stretch jeans, utilizing innovative material construction and precision tailoring. This solution is discreet, invisible, and maintains the authentic look and feel of denim that consumers cherish.”

Fashion brands and manufacturers’ stylists can now enhance their craft by selecting areas to shape, support, and lift, offering consumers a personalized fitting experience that boosts confidence and satisfaction while minimizing returns due to ill-fitting garments.

Steve Stewart, Chief Brand and Innovation Officer, expressed excitement about the technology’s potential impact, stating, “The LYCRA® brand continually pushes the boundaries of possibility, and our technologies continue to revolutionize the apparel industry. We are thrilled to introduce LYCRA FitSense® technology for denim and anticipate showcasing it at upcoming Kingpins events in China and New York.”

In addition to this groundbreaking innovation, The LYCRA Company is proud to collaborate for the third consecutive year with the House of Denim Foundation and Jean School students to present the “Stretch Yourself #3: Denim of the Future, Designed by Gen Z” exhibition. Aspiring designers have crafted inspiring silhouettes showcasing innovative fabrics from leading mills, complemented by The LYCRA Company’s technologies.

Visitors to the Kingpins show will also have the opportunity to learn about LYCRA® bio-derived fiber made from QIRA®, a collaboration between The LYCRA Company and Qore®. This sustainable spandex, derived from field corn, is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of LYCRA® fiber by up to 44%*, offering equivalent performance and set for early 2025 availability.

To mark 20 years of Kingpins trade shows, including a decade in Amsterdam, The LYCRA® brand will sponsor a celebratory happy hour featuring DJ Red Planet and showcasing memorable moments from its 65-year history. The event will highlight the enduring partnership between LYCRA and Kingpins.

Andrew Olah, Founder and CEO of Kingpins, praised the longstanding collaboration, stating, “The measure of success in life is who chooses to accompany you on your journey. The LYCRA Company has been a tremendous partner to many in the denim industry, and Kingpins has greatly benefited from its close relationship over the past two decades.”

To discover more about LYCRA FitSense® denim technology, visit The LYCRA Company at booth #11 in the Blue Zone at Kingpins Amsterdam or explore

*Carbon footprint reduction estimate based on a Cradle-to-Gate life cycle analysis conducted in June 2022 by Ramboll US Consulting, Inc., on behalf of a typical LYCRA® fiber manufacturing facility.

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