LVMH & Berluti Unveil Team France’s Paris 2024 Ceremonial Attire

Dressing exceptional athletes and coaches for a monumental moment

In collaboration with LVMH and the organizers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, Berluti has harnessed the expertise and skill of its craftsmen to ensure that the French athletes shine on July 26th and August 28th, 2024, at the Opening Ceremonies.

Berluti embarked on a formidable challenge to help the selected French athletes of Paris 2024 leave a lasting impression from the outset. Working closely with the athletes, the Paris 2024 Organising Committee, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, and the French Paralympic and Sports Committee, teams at Berluti dedicated months of creativity and energy to create an outfit that epitomizes true French elegance. Drawing from its distinct stylistic elements such as premium materials and unique patina effects, Berluti has crafted a tuxedo-inspired ensemble tailored to accommodate a diverse range of body types.

At the Opening Ceremonies, French athletes and coaches will don Berluti tuxedos and shoes, meticulously tailored to commemorate this extraordinary occasion—an achievement in itself for any athlete selected to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024.

This summer, Berluti’s artisans are singularly focused on showcasing both the Maison’s craftsmanship and France’s athletes to the world.

Berluti: A hallmark of French excellence

From unconventional classics to technical mastery, Maison Berluti has always remained faithful to its essence. Its story traces back to 1895 when a young Italian artisan arrived in Paris to ply his trade as a master shoemaker. His inaugural creation, the lace-up court shoe named Alessandro after himself, marked the genesis of Maison Berluti.

Across generations, this French institution has meticulously honed its exceptional craftsmanship, mastering form, leatherwork, and patina to produce models of unparalleled elegance and comfort. Since its inception, Berluti has adorned refined men such as Jean Cocteau, Andy Warhol, and Marcello Mastroianni with its exquisite shoes. Its boutiques have welcomed a myriad of distinguished patrons, all captivated by the timeless allure of its exceptional footwear, true masterpieces of artistry.

Beyond its renowned footwear, Berluti epitomizes a distinct lifestyle, venturing into new avenues such as leather goods in 2005 and ready-to-wear in 2011. Evolving into the epitome of men’s elegance, Berluti offers bespoke tailoring services at its Paris ateliers on Rue Marbeuf and Rue de Sèvres.

Today, Berluti reaffirms its boldness and creativity by designing and producing the Team France outfits for both Opening Ceremonies of Paris 2024. This sartorial endeavor marks historic milestones for the Maison, including its first foray into designing attire for women and its involvement in an event of such monumental significance.

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