Lulus’ Debut Out-of-Home Campaign: Celebrating Female Friendship Across the U.S.

Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: LVLU), renowned for its accessible luxury aimed at women, has unveiled its inaugural multi-channel brand campaign. Marking a significant shift for the brand, the campaign embraces out-of-home (OOH) advertising, dynamic social and influencer engagements, as well as experiential marketing, spanning major cities throughout the U.S. Dubbed “Friends for Life,” the campaign revolves around four best friends navigating a transformative year, highlighting Lulu’s unwavering support throughout life’s myriad moments, from the mundane to the monumental.

Crystal Landsem, CEO of Lulus, expressed, “As a brand shaped by and for women, we understand the profound strength of female friendship in all its forms. Our new campaign wholeheartedly celebrates this bond.”

Patrick Buchanan, Senior VP of Brand Marketing at Lulus, described the campaign as a tribute to the beauty and significance of friendship, resonating with all who share in these experiences while adorned in Lulus attire.

Tailored to resonate with women across various life stages, the “Friends for Life” campaign is grounded in customer insights. Lulus employs a “test and learn” approach, experimenting with innovative OOH opportunities, immersive community events, social activations, and strategic partnerships with podcasts catering to the Lulus demographic. The overarching goal is to foster brand growth by authentically engaging with customers.

The campaign unfolds through the narrative of four best friends navigating pivotal moments together, showcasing their unwavering support during triumphs and transitions, from the anticipation of a first date to the solidarity amidst significant life changes. Central to Lulus’ ethos is empowering women to feel their best, and the campaign reinforces Lulus’ role as a steadfast companion through life’s journey.

Lulus’ maiden large-scale brand campaign extends its presence through strategic OOH placements in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Nashville, featuring eye-catching billboards and digital displays.

In tandem with the campaign launch, Lulus is hosting a series of “Besties That Brunch” consumer events in select U.S. cities. These activations, held in picturesque brunch locales in Nashville, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Miami, offer attendees a chance to connect, shop, and engage with the brand firsthand. Each event showcases local women-owned businesses, further underscoring Lulus’ commitment to community celebration.

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