Lululemon’s FURTHER Women’s Ultramarathon Starts March 6 Pushing Limits and Breaking Records

Lululemon, in line with its FURTHER initiative dedicated to highlighting the immense capabilities of women when provided with support and access to resources and product advancements typically reserved for men, has introduced a range of new products tailored for female athletes participating in the brand’s inaugural women’s ultramarathon. These products, specifically designed for the six-day ultramarathon commencing on March 6, just ahead of International Women’s Day, were developed collaboratively with input from 10 female athletes within the brand’s global ambassador collective. This cooperative effort ensured that the products addressed the unique requirements of the athletes throughout the race.

The unveiling includes 36 innovative products, each meticulously considering situational and always-on functionalities essential for a multi-day race. These developments were shaped by valuable insights from the athletes and backed by comprehensive research. Some of the featured products also incorporate elements to help runners stay cool and efficiently store necessary items during the race. As part of the FURTHER athlete kits, a special edition colorway of the beyondfeel running shoe, the brand’s latest addition, will be available online globally starting March 5 in markets with lululemon footwear.

Nikki Neuburger, Chief Brand Officer at lululemon, emphasized the brand’s commitment to addressing historical disparities faced by women in athletics. She stated, “Women have historically been overlooked and underserved in athletics, and as a brand committed to helping all people feel their best, we have a responsibility to create more equity for our communities by investing to close this gap.” Neuburger expressed confidence that with innovation and resources, women will continue to redefine the boundaries of what is achievable, citing this motivation as the driving force behind the FURTHER initiative.

The collaborative design process with female athletes solidifies lululemon’s ongoing dedication to supporting women through research, innovations, and resources that have been historically withheld, empowering them to unlock greater possibilities. The 10 ambassadors participating in FURTHER are inspirational figures in their communities, each possessing a unique running story and a bold goal. These athletes will strive to achieve the furthest distance of their careers during the race, which takes place on a certified looped course at Lake Cahuilla in La Quinta, California. The event provides an opportunity to set distance and time-based world records, including the potential to surpass the men’s six-day world record, marking a historic moment for women in ultrarunning.

The lululemon ambassadors participating in the event represent diverse backgrounds and experiences, including ultrarunners, coaches, BIPOC advocates, entrepreneurs, and more. This global lineup includes Montana Farrah-Seaton, Stefanie Flippin, Camille Herron, Kayla Jeter, Xiaomeng Jia, Yoon Young Kang, Vriko Kwok, Mirna Valerio, Devon Yanko, and Leah Yingling.

The collaborative effort with these athletes played a crucial role in developing products that not only cater to their specific needs but also offer valuable solutions for the broader running community. The designs incorporated research insights aimed at enhancing performance and extending running duration, considering factors such as the role of compression and cooling. Chantelle Murnaghan, Vice President of Research and Product Innovation at lululemon, highlighted the unique approach: “Our ambassadors shared what they needed for a multi-day race, and we knew we could create something that hasn’t been seen in the sport.” The resulting innovations were designed to address the real challenges faced by athletes and women runners, providing bespoke kits that meet both their physical and emotional needs, empowering them to unlock their full potential.

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