LPP extends its range of second-hand apparel to international markets

Polish clothing company, LPP, is introducing a new initiative allowing customers to donate used clothes in its brand showrooms across foreign markets. The program, which began in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Great Britain in February, will progressively expand to other countries hosting LPP showrooms. This move follows the company’s successful implementation of a similar initiative in its stationary sales network in Poland. The actions align with the upcoming EU directive mandating selective textile collection, set to take effect in 2025.

LPP initiated the collection of used clothes from any brand in 2018, initially launching in selected Reserved showrooms in Poland. Over time, the program expanded to include various brands and locations throughout Poland, covering the entire stationary sales network by the previous year. In collaboration with the St. Brother Albert aid society, LPP donated clothing in good condition to homeless individuals, while other garments were segregated for proper processing. The company is now extending this initiative to foreign markets, commencing in showrooms in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Great Britain.

The move is in accordance with the EU directive announced in July 2023, which mandates extended producer responsibility and regulations for selective collection and proper segregation of textile waste. Currently, just over 2 million tons of clothes and textile products are collected in the European Union, representing about 38% of the clothes introduced to the market. The directive aims to progressively increase selective collection and introduce producers’ responsibility for clothing waste management.

Dorota Jankowska-Tomków, the procurement and ESG director at LPP, emphasized the company’s commitment to responsible production and noted the challenges in adapting collection rules to local regulations. Despite delays in launching the initiative abroad, LPP aims to gradually expand the program to new markets, aligning with the ongoing implementation of the EU directive.

As LPP expands its collection beyond Poland, legal considerations specific to each market and efficient collection organization present challenges. The company is addressing these challenges through collaborations with recognized organizations in the second cycle of clothing production, such as ‘Ubrania Do Oddania’ in the Czech Republic and Ekocharita in Slovakia. Additionally, LPP is launching collections in the British market, supported by the Yellow Octopus Group.

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