Louis Vuitton Women’s Fall-Winter 2024 Showcase Marks a Decade of Creative Brilliance by Nicolas Ghesquière

On March 5, 2014, Nicolas Ghesquière unveiled his inaugural collection for Louis Vuitton at the Cour Carrée in the Louvre. Exactly a decade later, on March 5, 2024, the visionary creative director commemorated ten years of artistic ingenuity in the iconic venue, hosting Maison’s renowned runway shows.

A celestial ambiance illuminated by radiant globes set the stage as the silhouettes retraced Ghesquière’s remarkable decade-long journey with Louis Vuitton. Simultaneously, the collection embarked on a quest for uncharted territories, seamlessly blending introspection and imagination. This assemblage served as a stratification of memories, reflections, emotions, and references. Throughout this creative odyssey, the artistic director followed his stylistic North Star—a compass essential to the curious traveler—reinventing the creative vocabulary developed over the years and charting a course toward a new era for Louis Vuitton.

The show, redefining conventional notions of time and space, fluctuated between stark white and deep black, shimmering silver and opulent bronze, punctuated by electrifying bursts of color. The Maison’s unparalleled savoir-faire dazzled anew, manifesting in exquisite embroideries and meticulously crafted leather goods. Reflective materials and supple leathers gracefully accompanied the rhythmic movements of the silhouettes, often characterized by bold architectural shoulders. Louis Vuitton women, adorned with masked eyes and gloved hands, confidently stepped into the uncharted realms of tomorrow.

A subtle echo of the past reverberated through contemporary sculpturesque dresses featuring the iconic Monogram trunk print. Each bag, a testament to innovation, took on playful new shapes. The meticulously designed set, a collaborative effort between artist Philippe Parreno and production designer James Chinlund, provided the backdrop for this transformative experience, while sound designer Nicolas Becker crafted a captivating soundscape that resonated throughout the immersive showcase.

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