Loewe Unveils Debut Public Exhibition ‘Crafted World’ in Shanghai

Intertwining tradition with modernity, Loewe recently unveiled its inaugural public exhibition, “Crafted World,” at the prestigious Shanghai Exhibition Center. This captivating showcase pays homage to Loewe’s illustrious history, deeply rooted in Spanish heritage and a steadfast dedication to artisanal craftsmanship.

Crafted by the visionary hand of Loewe’s creative director, Jonathan Anderson, “Crafted World” serves as a tribute to artisans worldwide who have devoted their lives to the art of handcrafting. The exhibition beckons visitors to delve into iconic designs and cultural collaborations that have shaped Loewe’s evolution from a humble leather-making collective established in Madrid in 1846 to its current status as one of the foremost luxury fashion houses globally.

Spanning 178 years of heritage, the exhibition traces Loewe’s unwavering commitment to pioneering craftsmanship, culminating in its esteemed position as an official supplier to the Spanish Royal Family. Above all, “Crafted World” exudes a profound celebration of centuries-old craft techniques, steadfastly supported by the Loewe Foundation through initiatives like the annual Loewe Foundation Craft Prize and numerous collaborations with artisans worldwide.

Collaborating with the acclaimed architecture studio OMA renowned for its avant-garde fashion and scenography projects, “Crafted World” unfolds across 1,600 square meters, comprising nine breathtaking and interactive chambers. This innovative exhibition seamlessly melds history with modernity, offering a glimpse into Loewe’s progressive approach to fashion and the enduring culture of craftsmanship.

Immersive experiences await within “Crafted World,” including a captivating journey through The Atelier, where visitors gain insight into the meticulous process behind bringing Loewe’s designs to life. Through a multisensory exploration, the exhibition bridges the chasm between Loewe’s rich heritage and its boundless future, offering a captivating ode to the artistry that defines the brand.

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