KITTO The K-Content Media Channel Gearing Up for an Official Debut in Thailand

Operating under the moniker ‘K-Culture Curator’, KITTO is on a mission to spotlight the richness of K-content, a cultural phenomenon that has captured global interest, while also fostering deeper connections with the younger demographic in Thailand. Last July, KITTO kicked off its journey with a beta service, swiftly followed by the rollout of multiple social media channels, including Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok, tailored to the preferences of the digitally savvy generation adept at navigating the mobile-centric landscape.

What sets KITTO apart is its commitment to offering more than just translations of trending Korean content; it endeavors to provide localized, top-notch content across all platforms. Since its inception, the platform has seen a surge in user engagement, amassing over 210,000 followers to date. Notably, KITTO has rapidly emerged as a leading K-content destination on Instagram, achieving this milestone within a mere six months of its launch.

KITTO specializes in producing visually captivating content spanning various domains such as K-entertainment, culinary delights, fashion, beauty, and must-visit locales. Moreover, it fosters symbiotic relationships with key players in the K-trend arena to collaboratively curate content, ensuring a constant stream of compelling material.

The platform has garnered praise for its exclusive interviews and captivating footage featuring prominent K-pop artists like ‘tripleS’ and ‘Kep1er’. Furthermore, it has showcased dynamic content through partnerships with entities like the Korea Fashion Industry Association, fashion brand ‘STAND OIL’, accommodation booking platform ‘STAYFOLIO’, and travel content hub ‘Daytrip’, among others.

KITTO’s strategy revolves around enriching user experience with diverse, visually appealing content tailored to local interests. Across various social media platforms, it aims to actively engage with Thailand’s younger demographic, known for their keen interest in entertainment and trends, through interactive content delivery and information sharing.

A spokesperson for KITTO expressed their commitment to becoming the go-to destination for Thailand’s MZ generation to access trending K-content seamlessly. They emphasized KITTO’s dedication to driving the proliferation of K-content, particularly in the realm of fashion, which holds significant growth potential not only in Thailand but also on a global scale.

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