Keys Soulcare Debuts Exclusive Squalane Facial Oil on Amazon

Keys Soulcare, the lifestyle beauty brand conceptualized by Alicia Keys, has officially launched on the Amazon Premium Beauty store. In response to the growing trend towards a comprehensive and holistic approach to beauty and well-being, Keys Soulcare aims to introduce a new beauty philosophy that acknowledges the intimate connection between the skin and the soul. The entire range, encompassing skincare, complexion, body care, color care, and lifestyle products, is now accessible to the Amazon community at

Notably, the Amazon Premium Beauty store is unveiling an exclusive offering from Keys Soulcare: the Deeply Replenishing Squalane Facial Oil priced at $35 USD. This innovative and clinically proven formula is designed to hydrate and replenish the skin overnight, providing a distinct addition to the beauty brand’s repertoire.

The collaboration between Keys Soulcare and Amazon Premium Beauty is a significant milestone, aligning with the brand’s overarching mission to assist individuals in unlocking their inherent beauty. Alicia Keys, who has personally grappled with skin issues, was inspired to create a beauty line that encourages a unique self-care approach through empowering rituals. Working closely with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Renée Snyder, the brand developed gentle, multitasking formulas that are always cruelty-free.

Keys Soulcare distinguishes itself through gentle yet powerful formulas, blending modern skin science with time-tested ancient botanicals and minerals such as malachite, Manuka honey, and Hojicha powder. This fusion promises transformative benefits for both the skin and soul, elevating skincare routines into soul-nurturing experiences. Each product is infused with affirmations personally written by Alicia Keys, etched into the packaging, to turn everyday rituals into empowering moments of self-love.

The unique “blurple” color palette of the collection, a deep purple-blue, draws inspiration from Alicia’s affinity for crystals, particularly amethyst, renowned for its clarity and healing properties.

Within the Keys Soulcare store on Amazon, customers will find an Offering Selector to guide them in creating a customized soulcare ritual tailored to their skin type and favorite affirmations.

Alicia Keys expressed her excitement about expanding the Keys Soulcare community through Amazon Premium Beauty, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to fostering a deeper connection between skin and soul.

Kory Marchisotto, President of Keys Soulcare, highlighted the brand’s celebration of individuality, spirituality, and self-love. The launch on Amazon Premium Beauty allows the brand to share its empowering philosophy and clinically proven formulas with a diverse audience.

Amazon’s Head of Premium Beauty, Ali Kole, praised Alicia Keys for bringing creativity and passion to the Keys Soulcare line. The exclusive availability of the Deeply Replenishing Squalane Facial Oil on Amazon is a testament to the brand’s dedication to offering trusted options to help customers look and feel confident.

To mark the launch, Alicia Keys will debut Keys Soulcare on Amazon Live with the “Get Ready With Soul” campaign on January 17, 2024, at 3:30 PM PT / 6:30 PM ET. This shoppable livestream will feature guests Dr. Renée Snyder and makeup artist Ayako Yoshimura, sharing personal skincare journeys and introducing the empowering “Get Ready with Soul” campaign. The campaign encourages individuals to elevate daily routines into empowering rituals with Keys Soulcare and share their personalized rituals on social media.

The livestream will also unveil the new Deeply Replenishing Squalane Facial Oil, described by Alicia as redefining the performance of facial oils. The vegan, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free formula aims to provide nourishment, plumping, and replenishment without clogging pores. In a consumer perception test, 94% agreed that their skin was replenished, and 97% agreed that their skin was softer the morning after using the Deeply Replenishing Squalane Facial Oil for four weeks.

Alicia Keys emphasizes the affirmation associated with the facial oil: “I am good to myself,” promoting the importance of self-love and creating space for things that bring joy. The overarching message is that radical change is possible with self-love, and soulcare involves giving oneself the time and attention they deserve. The “Get Ready with Soul” campaign will also introduce the Soulcare Calculator in early February, inviting individuals to rediscover and reclaim moments of soulcare in their daily lives at

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