Kering Renews Collaboration with London College of Fashion and Introduces Innovative Program

In 2024, Kering celebrates a decade-long partnership milestone with the London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion. Over the past ten years, this collaboration has yielded significant achievements, including the introduction of the Kering x CSF graduate program, exclusive to LCF, and the Fashion Values MOOC. Expanding on this foundation, a new three-year program is being launched to equip future leaders in the fashion industry with the skills to develop sustainable governance models.

Sustainability, collaboration, and creativity stand as central tenets in Kering’s vision for the luxury sector’s future. Through its academic initiatives, the company seeks to offer holistic training opportunities that empower students to prioritize sustainability within organizational strategies.

The forthcoming Kering x CSF program aims to cultivate a new generation of decision-makers capable of integrating Rockstrom et al.’s principles of interspecies, intergenerational, and intragenerational justice—commonly referred to as the “3Is”—into corporate governance. Participants will engage in interdisciplinary research, collaborate with researchers through a youth board, and hone industry-specific skills.

Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer at Kering, emphasizes the importance of partnering with educational institutions to comprehensively address sustainability challenges. She underscores the shared commitment between Kering and LCF to leverage education and creativity in service of environmental stewardship. This collaboration aims to empower emerging talents and inspire future fashion professionals to champion sustainability in their careers.

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