Kering Collaborates with Renowned Contemporary Chinese Artist Chen Ke for a Chinese New Year Celebration

Having emerged in the 1970s, Chen Ke bears witness to China’s swift evolution. Throughout her artistic journey, she adeptly weaves together elements of Chinese tradition and Western culture. Preferring the medium of oil painting, she skillfully elicits emotions and memories while suggesting an open-ended journey of growth.

One of her notable oil painting masterpieces, “Dragon Boat,” draws inspiration from the ancient Chinese legend of dragons. In this imaginative realm, the creature takes on free forms and personalities, embodying rich emotions. On an expansive icy canvas, a uniquely shaped dragon boat approaches a little girl clad in winter attire. Rooted in traditional Chinese origins, the narrative takes a whimsical path, where the dragon boat transcends its conventional symbolism to represent living beings, nature, and the universe. The dialogue between the child and the dragon boat communicates beyond language, appealing directly to the heart. Chen Ke infuses hope and joy into this world of imagination, offering a distinctive and unrestrained wish for the Year of the Dragon.

Collaborating with Chinese artists for Lunar New Year campaigns has become a tradition for Kering – a moment to pay homage to Chinese traditions with a contemporary twist. In 2023, the Group collaborated with contemporary Chinese painter Peng Wei, exploring biodiversity protection in her artwork “That Year.” Welcoming the Year of the Tiger in 2022, Kering commissioned the auspicious brushstrokes of contemporary calligrapher Xu Jing. Previous years witnessed collaborations with paper-cut artist Wen Qiwen, calligrapher Xu Bing, and more, showcasing Kering’s commitment to supporting art and its continuous pursuit of innovation and diversity.

In the forthcoming Year of the Dragon, Kering and Chen Ke are set to unveil captivating works of art that resonate with the Group’s mission of “Empowering Imagination.” This aligns with Kering’s core principles of creativity and innovation, reflecting its commitment to empowering women, as emphasized by the Women In Motion program. Chen Ke, in a recent interview on the Kering Women In Motion official WeChat account, shared insights into her creative vision.

Beyond the printed version of the artist’s original artwork as a New Year greeting card, this collaborative project spans digital formats. Commencing on January 23rd, Kering is launching the “Kering Creative Relay” social challenge on its official Red account, encouraging public participation in a New Year’s wish campaign

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