Kao’s Ongoing Effort to Safeguard Lives from Mosquito-borne Diseases Bioré GUARD Mos Block Lotion Set to Launch in Singapore

Kao Corporation is set to introduce its latest innovation, the Bioré GUARD Mos Block Lotion, in Singapore come March 2024. This product, built on Kao’s unique technology, follows the successful launch of its counterpart, the Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum, in Thailand back in 2022. The company has ambitious plans to extend the product’s availability to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia later in the year.

The initiative aligns with Kao’s ongoing GUARD OUR FUTURE project, initially launched in Thailand in 2022, aiming to combat mosquito-borne diseases. Given the longstanding issue of dengue fever in Southeast Asia, particularly in Singapore, the expansion of this project is expected to contribute significantly to addressing health challenges in the region.

Recognizing the severity of dengue fever, exacerbated by global warming and urbanization, Kao’s technology focuses on disrupting the mosquitoes’ ability to land and stay on the skin. Unlike traditional repellents that rely on volatile active ingredients like DEET or Picaridin, Kao’s approach leverages the skin’s wetting phenomenon. The result is a non-greasy mosquito repellent with a lightweight texture akin to body lotion, first introduced as the Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum in Thailand in June 2022. Its sister product, the Bioré GUARD Mos Block Lotion, is poised to hit the shelves in Singapore.

The strategic features of this insect-repelling lotion include its non-greasy and light texture, providing effective protection against mosquitoes. With the added convenience of use anytime and anywhere, the formulation also incorporates citronella oil for enhanced efficacy. As Kao expands its efforts across multiple regions, this innovative solution is anticipated to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing battle against mosquito-borne diseases.

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