Kao Unveils Curél Wearable Care for Dry Skin

Scheduled for release on April 4, 2024, Kao Corporation, led by President Yoshihiro Hasebe, is set to unveil a dynamic duo of products designed to address severe skin dryness. The first of the pair, Curél Outfit-for-Skin Potion, priced at 6,000 yen (6,600 yen with tax), is a revolutionary lotion that delicately diffuses onto the skin, forming an ultra-thin veil. Complementing this, the second product, Veil Creator, is available at 27,000 yen (29,700 yen including tax) and serves as the specialized diffuser for applying the ultra-thin veil.

As the ultra-thin veil envelops the skin, it releases moisturizing elements that penetrate deep into the stratum corneum, effectively hydrating the skin and alleviating concerns associated with severe dryness. Notably, Curél is part of Kao’s strategic global brands, recognized as part of the “G11” in the cosmetics business. Driven by a commitment to skin science, Curél consistently explores the potential of ceramides in developing innovative skincare solutions to address skin sensitivity caused by dryness.

The cutting-edge technology behind the ultra-thin membrane is rooted in Kao’s “Fine Fiber Technology,” a groundbreaking approach that diffuses ultra-fine fibers directly onto the skin, creating a laminated, ultra-thin veil. Having debuted in skincare applications in 2019, Fine Fiber Technology is now harnessed by Curél to introduce a novel skincare method dedicated to intensive moisture care for combating severe skin dryness.

In the evolution of Fine Fiber Technology, previous iterations necessitated a two-step care routine involving the application of a nourishing essence before the veil. To streamline this process, Kao scientists introduced a hydrating beauty essence as the key ingredient forming the veil in Curél Outfit-for-Skin Potion. This product marks the application of “bleed-out technology,” which fills the spaces between ultra-fine fibers with moisturizing ingredients, ensuring the veil snugly adheres to the skin like a second skin. When applied as the final step in the nightly skincare routine, the veil keeps the skin hydrated throughout the night, resulting in a morning complexion that is firm, supple, and smooth.

In collaboration with Panasonic Corporation, Kao has developed an advanced version of the Veil Creator diffuser. Loaded with Curél Outfit-for-Skin Potion in a dedicated cartridge, the new Veil Creator Diffuser can efficiently apply an ultra-thin veil to targeted areas in a matter of seconds. This compact and freestanding device is designed for easy handling.

The products will be available for purchase on the official Kao online store, My Kao Mall. Additionally, a subscription service will be introduced on Rentio, aiming to facilitate customers in initiating and maintaining their new skincare regimen. Two subscription tiers are planned: a basic kit containing Curél Outfit-for-Skin Potion and Curél Veil Creator, and a premium kit offering an additional Curél product delivered monthly.

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