Kao and istyle Collaborate to Form ‘RNA Co-Creation Consortium

On March 11, 2024, Kao Corporation, led by President Yoshihiro Hasebe, and istyle Co., Ltd., under President So Endo’s leadership, disclosed plans to pioneer a groundbreaking technology centered on “sebum RNA monitoring*1” aimed at fostering sustainability within the beauty and health sector. Together, they will inaugurate the “RNA Co-Creation Consortium,” a collaborative initiative geared towards innovating businesses.

Kao, renowned for its “sebum RNA monitoring*1” technology, and istyle, Japan’s foremost beauty platform, will spearhead the consortium as directors and constitute a steering committee. Co-creation partners, including Kose Co., Ltd. helmed by President Kazutoshi Kobayashi, Matsuki Yokokokara & Company Co., Ltd. led by President Kiyoo Matsumoto, Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd. under President Yoshinori Isozaki, Perfect Co., Ltd. with Junnobu Isozaki as Representative Director, Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd. led by President Yosuke Takimoto, and other prominent industry leaders, will serve as secretaries.

The consortium’s future objectives revolve around establishing a framework enabling consumers to make more personalized and fulfilling choices in products and services based on RNA data. Simultaneously, efforts will commence towards cultivating a sustainable consumption cycle that alleviates burdens on individuals and the environment by harmonizing supply and demand.

Background: In an era where longevity is increasingly common, the pursuit of a healthy and gratifying life holds paramount importance. While the market inundates consumers with an array of beauty and health solutions and information, many individuals grapple with uncertainty regarding the most suitable options amidst the abundance. Consequently, there’s a burgeoning consensus within the beauty and health industry for establishing standards to aid consumers in accurately assessing their needs and determining the most pertinent choices for their desired outcomes.

Concurrently, businesses face mounting pressure to embrace diversity in their offerings and conduct economic activities with an ESG (environment, society, governance) perspective in mind. It is believed that proffering solutions enabling service providers to navigate through a vast array of options swiftly and efficiently will catalyze the emergence of a novel market that upholds environmental and societal well-being.

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