Introducing RenuSpa iO by Nu Skin A Cutting-edge Personalized Beauty and Wellness Device

Nu Skin Enterprises (NYSE: NUS) has unveiled its latest innovation, the Nu Skin RenuSpa iO – a smart beauty and wellness device designed to enhance overall well-being and foster body confidence through skin stimulation. This FDA-cleared microcurrent body device marks a milestone as the newest addition to the globally acclaimed brand’s beauty device systems, holding the title of the best-selling brand for six consecutive years. Utilizing patent-pending adaptive microcurrent technology, the RenuSpa iO continuously adjusts more than 80 times per second to the skin’s conductivity during each session. The metallic nodes on the device, designed with a patent-pending configuration, offer a seamless and comfortable massage experience.

Ryan Napierski, the president and CEO at Nu Skin, stated, “We’ve expanded our best-selling beauty device portfolio to now include our first integrated beauty and wellness device.” The RenuSpa iO is positioned to deliver visible beauty benefits alongside comprehensive wellness advantages, promoting restoration, revitalization, and refreshment. The device’s design caters to the upper and lower legs, arms, and abdomen, ensuring a perfect fit to the body’s contours for smooth gliding.

The Nu Skin Vera® app serves as an integral part of the RenuSpa iO experience, providing live data insights and real-time adjustment monitoring through adaptive microcurrent technology. The app offers guided tutorials, a routine library, and usage tracking to help users witness results over time, complete with a personalized iO score for added motivation.

Steve Hatchett, executive vice president and chief product officer at Nu Skin, emphasized, “RenuSpa iO is the result of years of Nu Skin research on microcurrent technology and how to make it easy to use, comfortable, and effective.” With an average of 25,000 real-time adjustments per session, the RenuSpa iO offers one of the most personalized and potent approaches to enhancing beauty and overall well-being.

Through skin stimulation, the RenuSpa iO aims to achieve various benefits, including depuffing the skin’s appearance, visibly contouring and reducing dimples for a radiant look, toning and sculpting, firming and tightening for a youthful appearance, and providing a spa-like experience to uplift mood and improve overall well-being.

Clinical testing involving a 12-week study with 42 participants showcased the RenuSpa iO’s ability, through skin stimulation, to visibly tone, hydrate, and reduce the appearance of dimpled skin on the upper thigh and abdomen. Participants reported improvements in skin firmness, smoothness, and contour.

The Nu Skin RenuSpa iO is now available in the U.S. at a price of $375. For more details, visit The Nu Skin Vera app, compatible with all smartphones, enhances the RenuSpa iO experience by providing a premium connected experience.

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