Introducing Old Spice Total Body Deodorant Unbeatable 24/7 Freshness from Head to Toe.

Old Spice, the renowned brand celebrated for its invigorating fragrances and effective grooming essentials, is set to unveil its latest innovation – the Total Body Deodorant collection. Specifically crafted for all-encompassing use, these products promise 24/7 freshness from head to toe, including those often overlooked areas.

A recent study by Old Spice delved into men’s perceptions of body odor, revealing that a staggering 72% of men grapple with concerns about their scent on an average day. Alarmingly, 48% admitted to canceling social plans due to the fear of not emanating a fresh aroma. The research identified worries about body odor in various areas, such as the groin, chest, and feet, prompting behaviors like excessive showers, powder application, layering of clothing, and maintaining a noticeable distance from others. Unfortunately, none of these strategies effectively address the root cause of body odor.

The groundbreaking Total Body Deodorant collection from Old Spice undergoes dermatologist testing and features aluminum-free formulas, available in three revitalizing forms: Total Body deodorant spray, Total Body deodorant cream, and Total Body deodorant stick. Each product applies transparently, delivering clinically proven odor protection for up to 72 hours while remaining gentle enough for all-over use. This innovative line empowers men to combat body odor concerns, fostering confidence in a consistently fresher fragrance.

Kate DiCarlo, Senior Communications Director of the Personal Care Portfolio at Procter & Gamble, expressed, “Body odor outside the armpits is something most people experience, but often suffer in silence. We’re working to normalize total body odor with this approachable line that brings 24/7 freshness from pits to toes and down below with forms meticulously designed to cater to his personal preferences whether he wants broad protection or precision application.”

Dr. Maiysha Jones, Principal Scientist at Procter & Gamble, highlighted the commonality of body odor concerns beyond the armpits, emphasizing the formulation of Old Spice Total Body Deodorant with a blend of minerals and skin-friendly ingredients. This blend effectively combats odor-causing bacteria, making it suitable for use all over the body.

The Total Body Deodorant collection includes three distinct forms:

  1. Total Body Spray: A cooling spray with touchless, broad application. Formulated with 100% natural nitrogen propellant, offering a delightful fragrance experience in Vanilla & Shea, Cucumber & Avocado scents.
  2. Total Body Cream: A water-based cream incorporating lactic acid, a natural bacteria-fighting component. Ideal for precise application in sensitive areas, available in Vanilla & Shea, Cucumber & Avocado scents.
  3. Total Body Stick: Crafted with shea butter and coconut oil for smooth and clear application, perfect for areas where skin rubs together. Offered in Vanilla & Shea, Cucumber & Avocado scents, and Unscented.

The Total Body Deodorant collection is now available at major retailers nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $12.99*. Elevate your grooming experience and embrace a new level of freshness with Old Spice’s innovative approach to total body odor control.

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