Introducing Olay’s Innovative Moisture Body Wash Collection Elevate Your Skincare Routine for Radiant, Glowing Skin

Immerse yourself in the indulgence of the collection, as it engages your senses with five opulent scents, turning your shower into a spa-like bubble bath. This transcends mere physical benefits, aligning with the results of a recent Olay survey conducted among 1,000 diverse women aged 18-35 in the US. Surprisingly, more than half of the respondents revealed that their showers represent the sole “me time” in a day, with 79% expressing an urgent need for this personal sanctuary.

Unveiling a groundbreaking advancement in cleansing and skincare, Olay proudly presents its latest achievement: the Indulgent Moisture Body Wash collection. Boasting a proprietary multi-layer formula, Olay Indulgent Moisture offers a lavish lathering experience, infusing your skin with rich moisturizers and Vitamin B3. In just 14 days, witness a visible transformation from lackluster and dry to a hydrated, radiant glow.

Yet, not all showers are created equal. Among the average six showers per week, only four were deemed “great showers” by the surveyed women. The desire to feel renewed (56%), calm (60%), and more confident (43%) emerged as common aspirations from their shower routines. Unfortunately, only 29% reported currently experiencing these positive emotions, revealing a significant gap that Olay aims to bridge with its revolutionary body wash collection.

Dr. Maiysha Jones, Principal Scientist, North America Personal Care at Procter & Gamble, emphasized the design philosophy behind Olay’s Indulgent Moisture Body Wash. The innovative dual-phased formula ensures optimal performance of each ingredient, promising an unforgettable shower experience. The luxurious, buttery texture creates a blissful bubble bath-like lather, facilitating the easy penetration of skincare ingredients into the skin.

The collection features five irresistible scents, meticulously crafted by Olay’s in-house perfumery:

  1. Rose and Cherry Crème
  2. Caribbean Guava and Coconut Oil
  3. Elderberry and Almond Cream
  4. Moonflower and Neroli Oil
  5. Mango Butter and Vanilla Orchid

Kate DiCarlo, Senior Communications Director, Personal Care Portfolio, Procter & Gamble, emphasized the transformative potential of shower routines. For many women, the shower serves as an escape, allowing them to process emotions and find respite from life’s challenges. The Indulgent Moisture Body Wash is a testament to this transformative experience, nurturing healthy, glowing skin and boosting confidence from within.

Available at major retailers nationwide, the Indulgent Moisture Body Wash Collection beckons at the suggested retail price of $12.99 (pricing at the discretion of retailers). Elevate your shower routine and embark on a journey of mental, physical, and emotional rejuvenation with Olay’s latest innovation.

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