Introducing Nympheal Transformative Innovation in White Floral Fragrance Creation by Givaudan

Givaudan, a renowned global leader in fragrance and beauty, is excited to introduce Nympheal™, an extraordinary molecule characterized by a robust white floral profile. Givaudan has been a pioneer in muguet aldehydes for decades, and Nympheal™ stands as a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation, offering exceptional olfactive performance and meeting broad regulatory standards.

Nympheal™ presents itself as a fresh and opulent muguet ingredient, featuring a subtle hint of linden blossom. This infusion contributes to fragrance compositions by adding volume, floral creaminess, and ensuring excellent diffusion. With its ability to create a bloom effect in water applications, Nympheal™ showcases versatility that empowers perfumers to craft diverse cross-category applications, fitting seamlessly into various olfactory directions. Ultimately, Nympheal™ is a unique ingredient that amalgamates the finest olfactive and technical qualities found in other muguet molecules.

“We are delighted to share this groundbreaking molecule with our customers, as it opens up new avenues for the creation of memorable and long-lasting fragrances. Nympheal™ is the result of collaborative efforts among Givaudan’s researchers, perfumers, and regulatory experts, underscoring our dedication and expertise in developing ingredients that truly make a difference to fragrance compounds,” expressed Paul-Erwan Camenen, Head of Fragrance Ingredients Business.

Aligned with Givaudan’s sustainability goals, Nympheal™ is a biodegradable molecule adhering to the guidelines set by the OECD. Developed in accordance with the Principles of Green Chemistry and following a Safe by Design™ approach, it reflects our commitment to continuously improve our range of fragrance ingredients by incorporating biodegradable materials. Nympheal™ not only meets but surpasses the sustainability expectations of today’s consumers, serving as another tailored solution contributing to happier and healthier lives.

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