Illuminyl™ 388 Unveiled by Givaudan Active Beauty A Powerful Prebiotic for Radiant Skin, Championing Inclusivity

Givaudan Active Beauty introduces Illuminyl™ 388, a cutting-edge molecule engineered using biotechnology and cell-free glycosylation techniques to combat skin pigmentation challenges across all skin types. Derived from EGCG1, the renowned antioxidant found in green tea, this innovative brightening solution offers a comprehensive luminous effect.

Central to Illuminyl™ 388 is a dedication to inclusivity within the realm of skincare advancement. This bio-derived active ingredient is meticulously crafted to target multiple pathways of skin pigmentation, augmented by supplementary prebiotic properties tailored to cater to diverse skin tones prevalent across Africa, Asia, India, and Europe.

Extensive global clinical trials conducted by Givaudan Active Beauty, involving more than 200 participants encompassing a spectrum of skin tones (African, Asian, Indian, and Caucasian), have substantiated the efficacy of Illuminyl™ 388. These studies have demonstrated that within a remarkably short timeframe, Illuminyl™ 388:

  • Enhances skin radiance within 2 weeks,
  • Improves skin tone and luminosity within 2 weeks,
  • Diminishes pigmentation spots within 1 month, and
  • Promotes skin tone uniformity, effectively addressing even stubborn age spots.

What sets Illuminyl™ 388 apart is its unique bioavailability and deep skin penetration profile. Its sugar moiety facilitates absorption through cellular glucose receptors, while concurrently imparting prebiotic attributes that prompt the skin microflora to release a niacin derivative in situ.

With a commendable B-Biome™ Score of ‘B’, this illuminating active collaborates harmoniously with the skin’s microbiome to maintain the overall equilibrium of the skin’s microbial community.

To delve deeper into our latest ingredient and its marketing concept, S3D® Lumière Noire, we extend a warm invitation to visit us at our booth (1C62) at in-cosmetics Global, hosted in Paris, France. Alternatively, you can explore further insights on, our digital platform exclusively dedicated to cosmetic ingredients.

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