IFF Concludes Sale of Cosmetics Ingredients Division

Today marks the successful completion of the anticipated divestiture as IFF announces the transfer of its Cosmetic Ingredients business to Clariant, a specialized chemicals company with a strong focus on sustainability. Under Clariant’s ownership, the business will persist in delivering cutting-edge ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care sectors.

Erik Fyrwald, CEO of IFF, emphasized the strategic direction of the company, highlighting the commitment to innovation and customer service in core sectors. Fyrwald stated, “Our strategic transformation at IFF revolves around delivering top-notch innovation to effectively cater to our core customer base. This involves refining our portfolio to enhance focus and efficiency. The sale of IFF’s Cosmetic Ingredients Business is a significant move forward, allowing us to redirect resources towards strategic growth initiatives while simultaneously reducing debt and interest costs. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated Cosmetics colleagues and wish them success in their new endeavors.

IFF (NYSE: IFF) stands as a leader in various sectors including food, beverage, health, biosciences, and scent experiences. The company serves as a fusion of science and creativity, crafting essential solutions for a better world. From renowned global products to groundbreaking innovations, IFF combines artistry with scientific precision. Collaborating closely with customers, IFF provides scents, tastes, experiences, ingredients, and solutions that satisfy the world’s cravings. Together, the company aims to make a positive impact on both people and the planet.

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