IFF Achieves Recognition as the Leading U.S. Company for Gender Equality in 2024

IFF (NYSE: IFF), a global leader in the food and beverage, home and personal care, and health sectors, has secured its position as the leading American company for gender equality and ranks tenth globally, according to Equileap, a prominent organization offering comprehensive data and insights on gender equality within the corporate landscape.

Equileap’s seventh annual Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking assesses the status of gender equality in the corporate realm, evaluating 19 diverse criteria ranging from the gender pay gap to female representation across all corporate levels, parental leave policies, and anti-sexual harassment measures. The extensive research surveyed 3,795 companies, representing a workforce of 103 million employees globally, listed on major indices or in 27 developed markets.

Deb Borg, Chief Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, and Communications Officer at IFF, expressed pride in the recognition from Equileap, emphasizing the intentional efforts and progress made towards achieving gender equality within the company. Borg stated, “This progress belongs to all of us who have imagined a more inclusive future and acted on that inspiration. We believe that embracing the uniqueness of our diverse workforce unleashes innovative possibilities at the intersection of science and creativity.”

Erik Fyrwald, IFF CEO, highlighted the company’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion by incorporating these values into decision-making processes, program development, talent processes, and policy creation. Fyrwald affirmed, “We know that a more diverse and inclusive IFF benefits our people, customers, industry, and communities.”

The key highlights of IFF’s achievements in gender equality in 2023 include:

  1. Continued progress towards achieving gender parity at all levels, with 40% of the Executive Leadership Team and 38% of senior leadership being women.
  2. Ongoing efforts to analyze pay equity, revealing no statistically significant gender pay gaps within the company.
  3. Commitment to the Living Wage Pledge, with initiatives underway to ensure all employees worldwide receive a living wage as defined by their respective countries.
  4. Equitable representation in Leadership Development programs.
  5. Introduction of Ignite your Impact, a program designed to help women navigate unique leadership challenges.
  6. Launch of Mentor@IFF, an enterprise-wide mentoring program.
  7. Introduction of products through IFF Health addressing women’s challenges during menopause.
  8. A 13% increase in spending with women suppliers as part of Supplier Diversity efforts.

IFF has also extended its support to women in the communities where it operates, such as empowering women in Serbia through beekeeping initiatives and promoting women’s empowerment in the guar program in India.

Despite the achievements, Deb Borg acknowledged that there is more work to be done. In 2024, IFF will continue its partnership with EDGE, focusing on advancing equity and undergoing EDGE Certification in all countries with 200 or more employees.

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